Steve Inman does a great job “narrating” fight and crime videos, leaving his audience in stitches laughing so hard.  He recently did the Chicago video of the couple coming out of a high-dollar hotel only to face an armed robber.  I’ve added a few others that are particularly amusing.  Some may not be safe for work.

6 thoughts on “Steve Inman offers color commentary on Chicago armed robbery victim fighting back (and many more!) [VIDEOS]”
  1. Holy crap. TIP: Don’t watch this at work or your coworkers are gonna wonder what the hell is so funny. And pretty soon they’ll all be huddled around you wanting to see.

  2. PS: I cringed at the crossdresser in a bra getting to “involuntarily get to make out with the concrete.” And then I laughed. Someone will need dental work. But he had it coming trying to take out the cop’s knee.

  3. The “Defund the Police” crowd is beginning to realize that this is what you get when you defund the police. The police’s job is to protect the bad guy too.

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