There’s a very wild Serval cat on the loose in Decatur after it escaped from the city’s zoo (UPDATE: it’s owner’s apartment yesterday — the left the door open and the cat “escaped.”)  He was in the North East side of the city, but the cats are fast and he could be a fair distance away already.

They are considered dangerous cats.  At the same time, he’s probably not a threat to adult humans, but toddlers outside?  Or small children?  That’s another story.  Hopefully the Decatur schools are keeping their kids inside for recess today and police or armed parents are nearby at class dismissal.

Small dogs or cats in a backyard?  Those are Scooby Snacks for this cat.

At the same time, if I run into him and he’s not running like the wind and instead staring me down as if sizing me up for a snack, I’d feel a whole lot better with a shotgun and a load of buckshot than I would a simple handgun.

From the Macon County Animal Control Facebook page.

Animal Control is aware of a Serval that is loose on the North East side of the City of Decatur. We are working with an exotic animal rescue to capture it. We have no reason to believe the animal would try to attack people. However, as with any wild animal it could be dangerous in the right circumstances. Therefore, we are asking the public not to interact with it if it is found.

Please call Animal Control at (217) 425-4508 ext 4 to report any sightings of the Animal.

Just a wild guess, but I’m pretty sure they’re not going to let you keep him and stuff him for your trophy room if you smoke him as he’s sizing you or your kids up for dinner.


4 thoughts on “RED ALERT FOR DECATUR: Dangerous ‘Serval’ wild cat on loose in Decatur…”
  1. Hmm. That sounds like fun. And I thought my African game hunting days were over! Heeeeere kitttttyyyyyy! Daddy’s got something for you! I recommend an open bag of tuna as bait.

  2. I’m gonna say if you shoot that wildcat to make it a trophy in your trophy room you’re gonna get real familiar with the Lacey Act.
    But yes, it’s nice to dream.

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