On Tuesday, October 17th, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules failed to block implementation of the State Police’s “Emergency Rules” on the gun registry.  It came on a 5-5 tie vote along partisan lines.  JCAR – the Joint Commission for Administrative Rulemaking has five Republican members and five Democrat members.

Frankly, the 5-5 tie was better than we expected.

The JCAR board did approve a motion to force the ISP to hold three public hearings on the law around the state to get public input. Watch the GSL website for those dates and locations.  Those should be very interesting, to say the least.

We’re smiling at this because it will give gun owners a chance to vent their frustrations to some politicians who would probably rather not hear them.

Here’s the BIG takeaway and the HUGE upside to today’s decision:  Thomas Maag did VERY WELL in his oral arguments hearing last week challenging the Emergency Rules for vagueness issues.  Given that JCAR didn’t block the implementation of these rules means that Maag’s suit can continue.  And frankly, we expect Judge McGlynn to side with Maag when the decision gets released in the coming days.



2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: JCAR, as expected, fails to block ISP ‘Emergency Rules’ on gun registry… but they do order ISP to host three public hearings across the state”
  1. No need to separate R’s from D’s as both are the same Uniparty. Watching lawmakers try to fix a problem is like watching someone trip limbs off a tree then complain about the tree. The obvious solution would be to cut down the tree and be done with it. This is how lawmakers including the ones pretending to be pro-2A do things. They’ll try to eliminate the pistol brace rule instead of eliminate the NFA – which would solve that problem plus more. Or they’ll try to block the state police emergency rules instead of abolishing the ISP. Always beating around the bush pretending to offer solutions to gullible constituents. I’m not fooled. The Uniparty has no interest in solving issues because they want the ISSUE. Don’t let them play you!

  2. 3 “public hearings”? kinda late for that, isn’t it? Keep us informed about “public hearings” all gun owners need to flood the arena!

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