Last June, the Land of Lincoln started executing “enhanced” background checks for those under 21 wanting to buy a gun.  Since then, a total of 3,174 purchases were initiated by those in this category.

Would you like to hazard a guess how many were denied because of these “enhanced” background investigations?



CBS Chicago has the latest humiliating failure of gun control schemes that were supposed to make Illinois so much safer.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Since Illinois instituted enhanced background checks for gun purchases in June of 2022, 3,174 firearm purchases have been reviewed because the person who wanted to buy the gun was under the age of 21, according to Illinois State Police.

Of those purchases, state police denied three gun sales to would-be purchasers.

Those denials came after “clear and present” danger reports were submitted by local police.

An armed society is a polite society.


4 thoughts on “About those ‘enhanced’ background checks for 18-20-year-old gun purchasers: guess how many transfers were denied…”
  1. Someone forget to tell those Black Caucus members running IL that those gang members don’t buy their guns at Range USA

  2. Street firearm vendors play by different rules, oops, I mean street firearm vendors don’t abide by laws, don’t pay taxes, don’t fill out federal transfer forms, don’t check for FOID or concealed carry permission cards, and probably have very little “overhead” expenses because they probably stole the firearm they are selling. Criminals do not obey laws, somehow, law makers just can’t seem to understand “life in da ‘hood”, where only law-abiding citizens have guns legally. Again, criminals do not obey laws, that is why they are called “criminals”, any questions?

  3. All sound and no fury. Or something like that. So, I don’t know any 18-20 year olds. Do they have more than 72 hours to wait to get their guns? .01% doesn’t seem like many rejections. So 99.99% have to be inconvenienced until that .01 can be found? That doesn’t sound like American jurisprudence to me.

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