Greg Bishop started Monday morning off discussing Illinois new “Ammo Purchase Registry” concerns, along with the leak that the governor planned to tout made-up compliance numbers on gun registration.  Well worth the watch.

In short today was a bad day for the governor.  While I have no doubt few if any of his inner circle read GSL’s website, I have no doubt they listen to Greg Bishop.  Their plans for a December 5th press conference touting a 78% compliance rate on gun registration just went out the window this morning.

In fact, at this point it doesn’t matter what Governor Pritzker says, people will look at it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Sorry, Gov.

Not sorry.


5 thoughts on “GREG BISHOP UPDATE: Ammo Purchase Registry & Governor’s planned made-up compliance numbers… [VIDEO]”
  1. Great question caller…. “What is the registry supposed to do ?” It won’t lower crime and it can only get bigger when the ISP add more guns every October. A big thanks to Greg Bishop for always having great coverage and info about all the 2A issues. I check out his show online every day I can. Mr. Bishop and GSL are a great combination. Unfortunately just about every other morning show is always a thumb sucking cuckold preaching communism.

  2. I know a LOT of gun owners. I don’t know ANY who are registering. The situation is helped when one has friends in the semi-free state of Wisconsin who are avid shooters and have extra room in their safe. Not Liberty either.

  3. Greg Bishop asks the questions 99% of the MSM won’t. Love the guy. I also like that he puts up relevant segments, because I don’t listen to over-the-air radio at all since a month or two after Saint Rush died. Music on radio? Hell, I don’t even listen to satellite radio anymore. I prefer no commercials and controlling my own playlists.

  4. Greg has a big following in Springfield as sort of the on air counter balance to CapFax. He tries to be fair and balanced.

  5. Any lawyers lurking? I would like to see someone mount a federal challenge against the ammunition registry law, and particularly the prohibition against out-of-staters shipping ammo into IL.

    I submit that the requirement violates the Dormant Commerce Clause. Interstate Commerce is exclusively within the authority of COngress, so-called “plenary” authority. I don’t see how Illinois can regulate what is purely interstate commerce.
    Article I, sec. 8, cl. 3 of the Constitution gives this power exclusively to Congress:

    And Justice Thomas is really hep about the dormant commerce clause of late.

    SOmeone please sue before I have to!

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