The guy pretending to be a woman while acting as the spokesman for the Ukrainian military (despite not speaking Russian or Ukrainian) apparently stepped over the line last week when he threatened to hunt down and “deliver justice” to so-called “Russian propagandists” around the world.

Our World War II veterans got Tokyo Rose.

Today, Americans and others around the world get Pre-Op Bob.  (Actually, it’s pre-op Michael, but who’s counting, right?)

Yeah, Michael Cirillo, whose stage name is Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces Sarah Ashton-Cirillo got SAC’d (get it?  Sarah Ashton-Cirillo?) by Ukrainian leaders.

Why?  Things aren’t going well in the “counter-offensive” and making threats to assassinate those who speak out in opposition to endless war in Ukraine is pissing people off.

And that’s making Ukraine’s begging for cash aid and armament at the stoplight outside the local Walmart even tougher than normal.

As for the uber-woke, English-speaking guy named Michael, aka Sarah Rottencrotch?  He is more than welcome to come over and attempt to “deliver justice” here in America to those of us opposed to another endless war.  It would be a quick way to unlock the bonus prize for achieving the room-temperature challenge.

Maybe Sarah can hop on Only Fans and raise some money from simps for the Uk war effort.


5 thoughts on “Ukraine’s heard some pushback on ‘transgendered’ spokesman’s comments threatening to hunt down and deliver ‘justice’ to those opposed to endless war in Ukraine”
  1. Isn’t Zelensky gay? Maybe that’s how the Mr. Tranny got the gig? Here’s to Unkraine’s surrender.

  2. Liberal / “progressive” so called men prefer a dressed up guy. That’s why liberal women like the “moms” demand and are desperate for action.

  3. These mentally deranged people are everywhere. I am surprised the track suit wearing, B.O. smelling, gold chain wearing Ukrainians put up with this crap. Must have run out of ‘Yodka’.

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