Besides having the thinnest skin in the world for a politician, Brandon Johnson tries to gaslight the rest of the world into believing things that simply have no basis in reality.  He describes looters as young people who “sometimes make silly decisions.

According to Chicago Contrarian, Big Brain Brandon also said, “I’m becoming popular because, like, major stars are saying ‘what’s going on in Chicago,’ people are excited about it.”

We’re excited about what’s happening…  well, maybe horrified is a better adjective.  But I’m pretty sure that’s not what Brandon is pretending.

Frankly, I’m not sure what Brandon is smoking.  Maybe it’s some really good stuff from the dispensary.  I’m not sure if I want some of it or not.

Here’s reality from the crapshow that’s this past weekend as folks celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Chicago.

It took place on the parade route itself, so there were police nearby who intervened before anyone developed serious lacerations.

Amazingly, the guy who brought the machete to the machete fight wasn’t even arrested.  He even walked away with the sheath still stuck in the back of his pants!

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  1. Celebrate mexican independence day in f’ng mexico where you belong! Why do we put up with and sponsor this bullscrap?

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