WirePoints just keeps coming out with real facts and statistics to illustrate just how poorly our state fares in executing fundamental responsibilities of government.  Today, they released stats that show almost a quarter million of the highest-priority 911 calls went unanswered so far this year.

The good news?  The 52% of calls not getting a response is better than last year’s 60%.  Then again, the year’s not over yet.

From WirePoints:

The dysfunction in Chicago continues. This week two 22-year-old female tourists were physically attacked and then knocked to the ground by a group of between eight and ten people around 2 am in the Loop. The criminals left after robbing the women of their valuables. It took the police two hours to show up.

On the same night, another downtown tourist was victimized when five men attacked and robbed him of his cash, jewelry, and phone. The police didn’t arrive for at least three hours.

These cases are just two of the 225,000 urgent Chicago 911 calls with no police available so far this year. That’s about 52 percent of all priority 911 calls in 2023 and far higher than the 19 percent of priority calls that went unanswered in 2019.

Go read the whole thing

And remember, “No Cash Bail” kicks in Monday.

You’re on your own, folks.  That’s the way our state’s progressive Democrat leadership wants it.

3 thoughts on “YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN IN CHICAGO: 225,000 highest-priority 911 calls go unanswered so far in 2023”
  1. Why do we pay taxes for a criminal justice system that only works 40-48% of the time Chicago 911) and then releases the charged individuals immediately on “no cash bail”, without even a “cooling off period” similar to the 3 day requirement for purchasing a firearm.

    Judges can’t, won’t, or refuse to follow the Constitution and sentence convictions appropriately or apply common sense in the courtroom. Prosecutors bring indictments and grand juries based on ideology. Law enforcement officers are overwhelmed with repeat offenders, rampant illegal drug abuse combined with the homeless population as a result of leftist policies and ideological decisions.

    The left is creating a crisis so large in magnitude with facets in every aspect of society and the economy that only they, the socialists in charge (the government), can come to the rescue. Dependency, fear and eventually elimination of undesirables will be necessary to achieve their end game. The mask came off with the New Mexico Governors attack on the 2nd amendment this week, proving our greatest fears, and the lefts goal.

  2. Who is out and about at 2:00 AM in Chicago ? Not defending the criminals but have some common sense for Petes sake

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