Do yourself a favor.  Watch this video.

Watch it on a regular basis to keep it fresh in your mind.

Don’t talk to the police.

NOTHING you can say can be used to exonerate you.

Didn’t know that, didja?

Again, watch the damn video.

It’s funny.  It’s entertaining.  And it’s damn sure educational.

3 thoughts on “If the FBI shows up at your door…”
  1. I would tell them we have several politicians in Illinois that thumb their nose at FEDERAL immigration laws and then ask them if they’re investigating that. I might then let them know that because of the shocking amounts of corruption and fact hiding concerning Hunters laptop and severe election meddling that I no longer trust or respect the FBI so I prefer not to say anything else.

  2. Don’t talk to the police, federal agents, politicians, ANY grubberment official (municipal, county, state, federal) without an attorney present and the ability to audio/video record. Always refuse, politely, to cooperate. NEVER consent, always DEMAND the copy of the warrant issued upon “probable cause and signed by a judge.”

  3. As to this cursory flashing of the credentials NO GO! Ask for the credentials in your hand, read the document. Record names, identification numbers, record the time and date.

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