A 17-year-old scholar driving a stolen Hyundai Genesis car had a surprise or two a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe he had pulled the “running from the cops” routine in Chicago countless times before, getting away Scot free.  Either way, just because Chicago cops won’t chase those who run from them doesn’t mean other police agencies, especially outside of Cook County won’t pursue bad guys and put them in jail.

This happened in DuPage County.  Kim Foxx doesn’t work in DuPage County.

From the description on YouTube:

On August 16, 2023 around 12:45am CDT, a 17 year-old was driving a stolen Hyundai Genesis when Villa Park Police Officers attempted to stop the vehicle while it was stopped at a red light.

The suspect chose to run instead, leading officers on an epic 18 minute pursuit along Chicagoland expressways and into Elmhurst, Illinois where things got even more interesting.

After the vehicle became disabled from the stress it had been put under, the suspect and a passenger fled on foot. Officers began canvassing the area, giving the suspects’ description to construction workers and requesting help from local residents and shop-owners who saw their direction of travel. Amazingly, the suspect attempted to request an Uber – a mistake that quickly led to his apprehension as officers setup a perimeter and methodically searched the area until taking him into custody.

At the end of this video, we let you listen in as the officers discuss their thoughts of the incident and how their vehicles performed during the pursuit.

We offer our thanks and gratitude to all of those involved who worked to bring this chase to a succesful end. These incidents appear to be rising in frequency in suburban Chicagoland, and law enforcement throughout the area are grappling with the decision of how to bring consequences for actions, while ensuring the safety of the public remains paramount. In a statement after the incident, area political and law enforcement leaders had much to say:

From DuPage County States Attorney Bob Berlin:

“To characterize fleeing from police at 132 mph, as alleged in this case, as an extremely dangerous display of an utter contempt for the rule of law and public safety would be a gross understatement,” Berlin said. “The outrageous actions alleged against the defendant not only put the motoring public as well as the officers involved at great risk, but also caused damage to another person’s vehicle. The successful apprehension of the defendant in this case sends the message that in DuPage County, if you attempt to flee from the police, you will be arrested, charged and aggressively prosecuted. We are all extremely grateful that no innocent motorists or bystanders were injured or killed as a result of the defendant’s alleged actions. Once again, I thank the Villa Park Police Department for their efforts on this case and for their ongoing commitment to keeping our roadways safe. I also thank Assistant State’s Attorneys Kate Walker and Anthony Raimondi for their work on this case.”

From Villa Park Police Chief Michael Rivas:

“A juvenile offender was allegedly fleeing from police in a stolen motor vehicle at speeds well over 100 mph for approximately eighteen minutes,” Chief Rivas said. “These egregious actions took place well after curfew. As a parent or guardian, we should know our children are at home safe and sound. All the actions listed put the juvenile and the public’s life at great risk. If you drive around DuPage County in a stolen vehicle, law enforcement will find you and they will have the resources and technology to take you into custody. So please do not drive around in a stolen vehicle and commit further crimes, if you do you will end up like this alleged offender and be taken into custody. In DuPage County we will not tolerate crime and actions of subjects who have no regard for the public’s welfare and safety. We commend the actions taken by the Villa Park Police Officers as well as the numerous officers from surrounding police agencies who assisted in taking the subject into custody and recovering a stolen vehicle. We would like to also thank the collaborative efforts and great work provided by DuPage County State’s Attorney Bob Berlin and his dedicated team of Assistant State’s Attorneys.”

These statements are exhibit A and B of how law enforcement can make a difference in criminal behavior when all stakeholders – Prosecutors, Officers and local political leaders – work together to bring offenders to justice and send a message that their communities will not allow this type of reprehensible behavior. When those offenders don’t change their behavior, leaders must hold them away from society to rehabilitate them before allowing them to re-enter our communities.

Well, we’re not so sure how well “rehabilitation” works after a stint in Illinois prisons, but it keeps them out of circulation for a while at least.


3 thoughts on “THIS AIN’T CHICAGO, PUNK: Unlike Chicago, Villa Park Police will chase offenders [GREAT VIDEO]”
  1. He won’t dobthat again soon. Bet he’s done it a lot in Chicago. Too bad he didn’t have a fatal single-vehicle crash.

  2. Rehabilitation should be a firing squad. I am happy to buy the ammunition. I would also volunteer for the squad free of charge, but no weekends. Monday’s are good.

  3. Oh no! Another felon hassled by the fuzz, man! Bet the baddie was surprised to find out they’d be held in custody and not released like in Crook County. Used to see the look of surprise when I was on a Will County municipal police dept, and bad guys found out we didn’t hand out “I bonds” (Individual recognizance bonds to the rest of the State) like Crook County did. Heh heh heh.

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