What happens when an American politician suspends a fundamental constitutional right?

All hell breaks loose.

The county sheriff says, “eh, no thanks.”

The Albuquerque PD says, “we’re not gonna do it.”

Even the New Mexico State Police are remaining mum on their twitter page.

Their most recent post was September 7 (as of 1:26pm September 9th).

TTAG reports this:

TTAG spoke with with representatives of both the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Association for Gun Rights this morning. Both are spinning up their own challenges as well and plan to file for injunctions to block enforcement of the ban as soon as their legal ducks can be put in a row. Other gun rights orgs will likely also be involved as well.

Grisham’s power-grab — declaring that guns are a “pubic health emergency” and then using that pretense to suspend the exercise of an enumerated civil right — should be the kind of bridge-too-far blunder that ends a political career. In the old days (ten or more years ago) that might have been the case.

Now, however, this kind of bold-faced authoritarianism in the service of civilian disarmament is the kind of thing that will make her a celebrity on the far left, cheered on by the media.

Indeed, the sooner she can be removed from office the better.

8 thoughts on “BLOWBACK: New Mexico Gov will face impeachment process along with court action”
  1. It is time for “We, the People” to declare a “Constitutional emergency” and remove all elected politicians that declared upon their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and the laws enacted and subsequently ignored by them.

    1. All 177 in the Illinois General Assembly needs to be fired. I don’t know how many people work for the Illinois State Police but that abusive political activist agency must be abolished!

    1. And so does any police officer who enforces this. New Mexico got rid of qualified immunity so it gives more power back to the public to correct the injustices police impose on We The People.

    1. If he does then the General Assembly needs to eliminate qualified immunity for the police so we’ll be able to sue offending “cops” citizen or not under Title 18, U.S.C. Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights. If a hot shot cop wants to ruin someone’s life with gun control then they risk losing their house, savings, job and reputation which is exactly what they are willing to do to YOU for a paycheck. Let’s put THEM on equal footing and see how much they want to cause material harm on the public then. The Republicans will have no part of that because they put their constituents UNDER the police, as in, they’ll throw you under the bus in favor of a cop. So the trick is to get the Dems to do this but there can be no mention of the above-mentioned law. It’ll have to be under racism claims or something like that to get them interested. This is the discussion that has to start and with the upcoming gun registration scam Illinois is the perfect place to destroy gun control with Democrat help of all people.

  2. From what I’ve heard the Bernalillo County sheriff doesn’t want his deputies to enforce this ban because he’s afraid they’ll be PERSONALLY sued for civil rights violations under Title 18, U.S.C. Section 241 Conspiracy Against Rights. How can We The People get justice for our rights getting violated? It’s called doing what New Mexico did a couple years ago. Eliminating police qualified immunity. Tell a Republican lawmaker THAT is the key to destroying gun control and watch how fast they support the police instead of you. If a cop is put on equal footing with the public where if they risk losing their house and savings from a crimpling lawsuit for violating rights they might just hold off on screwing over the public. BE MINDFUL that they were about to do that to YOU. The 2A community must use this event to re-examine their often times blind law enforcement support because “back the blue” is turning into “enslave you” to The People. IF you truly expect your constitutional rights to be honored in this country then you’ll have to accept that police qualified immunity has got to go. The new line can be: “I support the police…………BUT”

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