How bad are the 911 responses in Chicago?  Bad enough that if you’ve got a FOID card, you might have time to go to a gun store, buy a gun, wait three days for the background check and go pick it up before the cops show up.  If the boys and girls in blue come at all.

First, I’ll let the mainstream media give you their version of current life in Chicago.  Then I’ll tell you what’s really happening.

WGN has the news.

CHICAGO —  A new report from the City of Chicago’s Inspector General finds it’s currently impossible to say with certainty how quickly police respond to 9-1-1 calls in many cases.

When Evelyn O’Connor was randomly attacked along the Mag Mile last winter, she called 9-1-1 but gave up on waiting for cops to come.

“We waited quite a while, maybe 20 minutes and at that time I was just like I want to get home,” she said…

The city’s inspector general set out to evaluate police response times; but ran into a wall. The IG found nearly half of the calls to 9-1-1 for police response did not include a response back with an officer’s arrival time at the scene.

That’s because they didn’t arrive on scene, you dumbasses.  Those calls for service were dropped because there were too many high-priority calls.

“Without this basic information, we can’t assess whether City services are provided equitably or efficiently—and we can’t improve what we can’t measure,” said inspector general Deborah WItzburg.

YES, they are being provided equitably…  equitably!  Everyone’s getting next to no response.  Except for the mayor and his 149-member protective detail.

Wirepoints has the dope on 911 responses last year:

THREE FIFTHS (60%) of the highest priority 911 calls had NO officers available to respond.

Those delays included:

  • Over 4,700 robbery-related calls, including 470 robberies in progress

  • Over 19,400 calls of batteries in progress

  • Nearly 2,000 reports of sexual assault, including 150 assaults in progress

  • Over 18,000 reports of a person with a gun

  • Over 1,200 reports of citizens shot

  • Nearly 1,000 reports of citizens stabbed

So if you’re calling because someone broke into your home or car and there’s calls of serious crimes, don’t expect five-oh to show up.

You’re on your own, folks.  You’re on your own.

Act accordingly.

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  1. Fight crime and the criminals, SHOOT BACK! Spend some time practicing shooting skills to improve your aim and proficiency so you have good gun control, aka: hitting what you are aiming at. Call 9 1 1 to report dead perp(s).

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