Imagine that.  An all-American company from Utah built their reputation for American-made safes.  The owners then sold to an East Coast investment firm called Monomoy Capital Partners.  A firm that has donated the maximum allowed under law to fine, outstanding purveyors of liberty like Raphael Warnock in Georgia, Mark Kelly in Arizona and Mandela Barnes from Wisconsin.  Oh yes, and don’t forget John Fetterman in Pennsylvania.

So if you’re buying Liberty Safes since 2021, you’re supporting all sorts of politicians who would love nothing more than to empty that safe for you.

Candidates like these:


3 thoughts on “Liberty Safe’s new owners donate heavily to Anti-Gun Pols including Warnock, Fetterman & Mandela Barnes”
  1. When Liberty sold out in 2021 the new management group went to a regional sales model. Liberty cancelled dealer relationships with a number of long-time volume dealers. Since that move their sales have dropped. Bud-Light these a-holes! RHINO safes….

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