The government in Australia had confiscated most of the guns in that nation.  So homeowners and their guests are pretty much on their own for dealing with armed and masked intruders.  On particularly slow-witted home invader, masked and armed with a large knife, made a profound error in his residential victim selection process.

When Shane Cox broke into the home, he soon found himself overpowered by the occupants who proceeded to beat him then tied up his hands.  And then, for the coup de grace, one of the occupants pulled Mr. Cox’s pants down and…  well, you can figure out what happened next.

Cops found Mr. Cox later, after he had passed away from his injuries.  …with his pants down.

The administrator of the humiliating sodomy was sentenced to a few years in prison.

No word on if someone pulled up the intruder’s pants before they buried him.

From 1News New Zealand:

Klay Holland, 32, faced the Supreme Court of Victoria on Tuesday when he was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment, with a non-parole period of four years and 10 months.

Holland’s victim, Shane Cox, had broken into a unit in Melton in Melbourne’s west in March 2021 armed with a knife and wearing a mask.

He had asked for money and drugs, and was allegedly linked to others who had gone to the home to stand over a resident.

Cox, 36, who was high on methylamphetamine, was overpowered by Holland who was a guest at the home.

Cox was beaten with a baseball bat and was incapacitated on the floor, where Holland then raped him.

Betcha Mr. Cox’s friends won’t break into that same house again anytime soon.

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