What happens when you don’t punish criminals?  You get more crime.  And Chicago today isn’t catching criminals or punishing them.  Which makes them very brazen and happy!

Which also means you’re on your own.  The police and the criminal justice system aren’t going to protect you, deter criminals, or apprehend and punish those who victimize you.

WirePoints has some specific details that will shock you.

The decision to commit a crime in Chicago has never been easier. Criminals are almost guaranteed to profit because the chances of getting caught and punished have collapsed to near-zero.

It’s a big reason why the city is on target to hit a post-pandemic high in major crimes in 2023, currently up 32 percent vs. last year. It’s also why crime is unlikely to slow down significantly any time soon. Mayor Brandon Johnson doesn’t show any signs of imposing a higher cost on the city’s criminals. And Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans haven’t changed their soft approach to crime either.

The math is pretty straightforward. A demoralized, restricted police force. Plus a 1 in 20 arrest rate. Plus a high rate of unreported crime. Plus a dismal 911 response rate. Plus a city leadership that’s soft on crime. All that equals a near-zero chance of criminals ever getting punished.

Not until the costs of committing crime go way up – and the equation changes – will Chicagoans see any relief.

Take time to read the whole thing.  But for the tl;dr crowd, here’s pictures from WirePoints.

Here’s the good news, Kemosabe:  If criminals face a near zero likelihood of getting caught, so too do vigilantes.

And if the government isn’t going to bring criminals to justice, their victims and victim families will bring justice to them.  And street justice isn’t encumbered with “rights” and all that other used horse food.

Remember this guy?


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  1. Mr. Goetz received tons of support from the public after he did the right thing in 1984. Thousands called the police tip line praising him and all kinds of people offered to help pay his bail. That was NY city !!!! Nowadays the Marxist voting zombie sheep would be screaming for him to rot in prison. It would be the same in the overflowing toilet of Chicago. The sheep wanna be food so let em’. The damage done by the metal illness of liberalism since those days is sickening.

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