The Illinois Supreme Court upheld Gov. Pritzker’s gun and magazine ban. Their case in Rep. Dan Caulkins’ case didn’t involve Second Amendment considerations, but rather it was argued on “equal protection” grounds.

The outcome matters to gun owners as the earlier decision striking down the law as unconstitutional has now been vacated. As such, the State Police are now free to begin enforcement of the law.

Keeping you out of trouble for now until the law is struck down by the courts…

  • Do you have any standard capacity magazines, or “banned” guns in your car? With only very limited exceptions, standard cap rifle mags over 10 rounds or handgun mags over 15 rounds must now remain on your property. They can be used on a public shooting range but they must be transported unloaded and encased to remain legal.
  • Like magazines, banned guns (either by features or my magazine capacity) must remain on your property or they can be used on a range. You can transport them to and from the range or a gunsmith.
  • All private gun sales must now be reported to (and registered with) the state, and the transfer must either take place at a gun dealer that’s willing to keep those records or reported to one of those dealers. Many dealers don’t want the hassle for a mere $25 fee. Failure to run them through the FFL now is a potential felony for both the buyer and seller sides of the sale.
  • Registration begins October 1st or shortly thereafter. You’ve got a few months to decide if you’re going to register banned firearms and accessories, move them out of state or if you’re going to have one or more boating accidents or rent a post-hole digger. We’ll have more on creative alternatives to registering guns with the state in a coming issue.
4 thoughts on “What the Illinois Supreme Court ruling on gun & mag ban law means to you”
  1. Maybe we should have out bribed JB gasbag and the leftist scum that kicked in pay off dollars to the 2 Illinois Supreme Court “justices”. Instead of hiring lawyers we should have bought judges.

  2. Compliance will be a hard choice. Only time will tell. Think pistol brace. 2%? Think New Jersey had a registration for firearms. The compliance was nil.

    1. From what I know Connecticut has the highest “assault weapon” registration compliance rate at about 15% while the few other states with a registration is in the single digits including New York State at 4% compliance. I hope people in IL have enough self-respect to be under the 4% rate. MARK MY WORDS, this “assault weapon” registration is just a start. If enough people fall for it and comply eventually every firearm and air gun rated at 700fps or more will have to be registered. It’s like the FUDDS not caring about the bump stock made up ATF ban. People said who cares? Those of us that know how this works said “it’s not about the bump stocks, it’s about bypassing Congress to make up any felon they want and they’ll come after something you do care about next.” How did that turn out??

  3. We have two gas stations in town and back a couple years ago one of them required masks upon entry and the other one didn’t. The station without masks was so full you could hardly find a parking spot. Word got around about the mandatory mask gas station and the place was deserted and they lost thousands of dollars in sales due to their customer suffocation rule. It turns out that when people are given a choice they’ll choose to not be screwed over. Same here. THE PEOPLE have the option to ignore the registration and protect the property they bought legally via boating accident or simply being quiet. The legislature isn’t for us, the Republicans aren’t for us, in fact they are in favor of reaching further into your pocket to fund the ISP operations against YOU (HB2722), the courts aren’t for us. Only us can be for US and this registration scam by ignoring it is a way to extend the middle finger to all of them.

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