Government-funded media dutifully reported on a couple of dozen malcontents marching in Rantoul, IL on July 26th.  Who were they and why were they marching?

It all started with a communist front group in Urbana, IL.  They organized the “rally” not to demand the arrest and incarceration of those committing serious crimes and victimizing the innocent, but instead demanding “justice” for two criminals killed trying deploy firearms against police to evade arrest.

Yep, really.

These are the same people, by and large, who would strip you and I of the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. In fact, they would strip us of the fundamental human right of self-defense altogether.

What the rabble rousers failed to recognize was that justice was served in both instances.

Aspiring rap artist Azaan Lee illegally toted a stolen firearm.  He posted one of his numbers on YouTube in better times.  Candidly, it wasn’t bad compared to some screeching audio abuse that masquerades as music.  Sure, he loves the N-word and raps about Glocks with switches and all that, but I’ve heard worse.

He tried to deploy it against a Rantoul cop and inadvertently shot himself in the femoral while fighting a cop to retain the gun. He ran off and bled out.

Here’s the bodycam.

Meanwhile, Richardson ignored multiple commands to drop his gun and when he pointed it at an officer, that cop punched his ticket in self-defense.

The two young men would both be with us today if they had followed lawful orders by police instead of trying to kill the police. They would still have a lifetime of opportunities to enrich the community in a positive way if they had chosen education and a career path over a life of violent crime.

What’s more, if these two perps were willing to kill cops, what do you think they would have done to your family or mine?

Rantoul is lucky to have well-trained law enforcement officers who protect and serve everyone in the community. Sure, they aren’t perfect. However the last guy who walked on water died a couple of thousand years ago.

Meanwhile, rest assured that when these domestic agitators succeed in restricting law enforcement’s right to self-defense, they’ll be coming after yours next.

3 thoughts on “Communist front group in Central IL demands jail for those practicing self-defense… they’re coming for your right to self-defense next”
  1. Communist front group ??? Hell the whole Dummycrat party and about 60% of the zombie voters in this state are a communist front group. As far as the the massive loss to the music world…. Maybe young people should take this as a message to NOT play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

  2. The political right, GOP, gun owners, etc need to be careful about demonizing Glock switches just because the thuggery is labeled as using them. There shouldn’t even need for switches, cranks, bump stocks and the like. We should have full auto shall not be infringed PERIOD! No NFA. The switches thing should NOT be conflated with street criminals because it’s an easy way for supposed pro-2A people to inadvertently spout the same gun control talking points that any Dem in the state legislature would. Gun control is just a tool against perceived political opponents anyway. Don’t slip into that trap!

  3. Well, that Rantoul cop chief sure has the “party” line down, don’t he? A “tragedy” for the community? What crack is he smoking? That’s NUTS, man!

    This is a BOON to the community – OUR community – not some farflung washington d.c. or L.A. County. This is HOME, and this young THUG was jogging around with an illegal GUN that he was willing to use on the cops.

    This is a BENEFIT to the community. QUIT DEEP-THROATING THE BOOT of the fascist left, chiefy-boy. Your cops done good this time around.

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