The do-gooders in Chicago who eschew making arrests of bad boys and girls, or prosecuting those handful that do find their way into bracelets, are now trying for a money grab from auto manufacturers…

Why, it’s a lot like blame gun makers for violent crime.

Gee, if we could only sue for damages from prosecutors who don’t prosecute, politicians who don’t hold criminals accountable, and judges who don’t imprison repeat offenders…  Or maybe the Chicago Public Schools for not educating young people, perhaps.

After all, the ugly truth is that if you don’t educate your young people, they have little hope of getting a good job, raising a family, building a career and making a contribution to society.  Instead, the only thing they have that’s potentially attainable is the gang lifestyle.  And we know where that goes.

From the Cook County Record:

Chicago City Hall has filed suit against Kia and Hyundai, pinning much of the blame for the city’s plague of car thefts on the automakers’ refusal to install certain anti-theft systems in many of their vehicles.

The lawsuit asks the court to order the carmakers to pay potentially massive damages to cover the city’s costs in dealing with the fallout from the surge in car thefts since 2022, as well as to punish the automakers for alleged deceptive marketing under a city ordinance.

These politicians have created an environment where crimes are not punished.  Hence, crime flourishes.

As for the resident of the Windy City?  They’re getting the government that the majority of them voted for…

4 thoughts on “THEY’LL DO ANYTHING NOT TO MAKE ARRESTS: Instead of arresting and prosecuting carjackers and car thieves, Chicago sues automakers…”
  1. How do you have any costs that need to be covered when you do nothing to deal with the problem?

  2. These radical wingbats running Democrat politics in Illinois blame everyone and everything but their own failed public policies. They sue drugmakers. They want to sue the gun industry. Now they’re suing car makers. All instead of putting goddamn criminals and gang bangers in prison. Boch is right… they should sue the damn Chicago teachers union!

  3. Hmmmmm…. A lack of talk of the root cause. That ‘culture’, more of the usual suspects. The first step is recognizing the problem and clearly and publicly identifying the same.

  4. If Chicago has to close the beaches due to excessive poop it’s Milwaukee’s fault too. It is ALWAYS someone’ else’s fault. A once great city has sank its own ship. I shall sit back and not give a poop. If you will. People get the government they deserve. Kind of like a gun owner going forward that gets duped into voting Republican assuming they’ll go to Springfield and think about how bills that aren’t directly gun control bills turn into gun control enabling machines. That’s you HB2722. EVERY.SINGLE.REPUBLICAN supports it so far. Let that sink in! I wonder if the Republican Party would rethink their cop worship if the state stormtroopers started giving free rides to abortion clinics? I’m going to push for that in veto session because some Chicago area Dem will probably go for the idea because “people of all income levels should have access to reproductive care” or something. I want to see the GOP tie themselves up in a pretzel. Pro-life or pro-cop? Hmmmm which one is more important? We have to alienate one of them. Can’t wait!!!

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