When cooler heads prevail.  He didn’t go to the cooler…  the cooler came to him.  He fought the law and the cooler won!

Oh, the jokes write themselves.  No doubt the NYC mayor will find little humor in them.

Anyway, a drug dealer evading arrest driving his motorcycle on a crowded sidewalk in NYC was stopped from endangering pedestrians with a quick-thinking NYPD detective to tossed a cooler in his path.

Eric Duprey, pictured below on his little crotch rocket, then promptly caught the cooler with his mouth and all the rest of him.

Unfortunately for him it wasn’t filled with Bud Light.

Mr. Dope Dealer (alleged) then crashed his bike and soon after, he successfully unlocked the “room temperature challenge” bonus level.

Kudos to the officer who thought outside of the cooler to stop the fleeing felon.



7 thoughts on “FREEZE, SUCKA! Watch fleeing drug dealer get fatally stopped by cop-tossed cooler [VIDEO]”
  1. He thought he was cool ’till the cooler took him out, now he is cooling in the morgue cooler from his head to his toes, kool!

  2. It was over 100 degrees heat index at my house today. Reading a cool story like this just made me take a sip of my lemonade and smile. You know, I bet he bought that bike with dope $.
    I saw this in comments at “X”…

    “Duprey’s mother told Associated Press the police account was “all lies,” claiming she was in the midst of a video chat with Duprey when he was killed. “He wasn’t fleeing. He wasn’t fleeing.” Officer suspended w/o pay too… Isn’t that a sidewalk he was driving on???

    Yep. He was a good turd. Just about to turn his life around. So was that turd I flushed this morning. Good riddance. Hopefully the cooler wasn’t hurt.

  3. You boys know I like dcops about as much as I like diarrhea, but this one done good.

    He used non-lethal force to stop a fleeing felon who was a danger to himself and others. NON-LETHAL force that just happened to end up becoming lethal force. Oopsie!

    THe news today is the death has been ruled a homicide which, literally, means any death caused by another. BUt we’ll wait now to see if the liberal D.A. presents it to a grand jury to get him indicted.

    I say, “good job, occifer!”

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