It may as well as have been the shoot-out at the OK Corral or something.  Dozens of law-enforcement officers from a host of departments fired “thousands” of rounds of ammo at towards a barricaded suspect in Pittsburgh Wednesday.  Now residents are talking to the media and they’re not happy about the aftermath.  Not only was the suspect’s condo shot to pieces, but bullets riddled neighbors’ homes as well.

Fortunately nobody besides the squatter who started the battle were wounded or killed.  It’s a miracle as law enforcement dumped when could add up to a hundred-plus pounds of lead towards this guy.

LOL.  The cop at the news conference said “The tactical team exhausted every resource available to them…”   Apparently that included ammunition as well.

What a circus.

NBC News has more:

At least 75 local law enforcement officers are being placed on leave in Pittsburgh after an hourslong standoff with a man who shot at sheriff’s deputies when they went to serve an eviction notice.

Deputies had gone to serve the notice in the city’s Garfield neighborhood when the man “turned violent and began shooting,” the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday. The suspect, William Hardison Sr., was found dead inside the residence after gunfire was exchanged intermittently for roughly 6½ hours.

Mike Manko, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, confirmed in an email that 16 deputies were placed on administrative leave after the incident.

“The sheriff has reached out to each of the deputies personally and they will all go through a psych eval next week before being cleared to come back to work,” Manko said.

A dozen more Allegheny County police officers were also placed on administrative leave. All 12 of the officers fired their weapons, a department spokesperson confirmed, and the leave is standard protocol for the department.

Forty-seven Pittsburgh police officers who were involved in incident are also on leave, the police department confirmed, as part of its policy. The leave may vary from three to five days.

4 thoughts on “A-TEAM 2.0 FALLOUT: *At least* 75 cops placed on leave after firing ‘thousands’ of rounds during stand-off”
  1. Sounds like a supervision problem. With all that has gone on in recent times. Police being told to not pursue perps, etc etc. Where was the sheriff and police chief? Blaming it on the rank and file solves nothing.

  2. Sounds like 75+ people weren’t cognizant of what was behind what they were shooting at. Could that be some sort of psychological mentality that if everyone else is shooting, I might as well empty my mags too? You can’t do that in today’s word. Those neighbors will likely get well paid. And they might as well tear down the shot-to-hell unit.

  3. Sounds like the results of no training for use of force, largest sympathetic fire incident I have heard of, use of force is an individual event; lowered selection and employment standards, and DEI hires. We need more community outreach training and DEI identification training in po-lice departments.

  4. The sheriff and Chief of Police were in their admin offices where they belong. I don’t want to hear this baloney about supervision either. When sympathetic fire happens God himself could not stop the event. This is a result of badly trained and unaware ignorant individual officers. The chickens of nicey-nice training come home to roost.

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