Imagine if we just established a rule that we could post a sign to stop crime.  Or maybe post another sign asking criminals not to carry guns or shoot them at people.  If that only worked.

Then again, if that did work, these idiots would probably think that posting another sign to stop COVID might work as well.

Check out what this idea from a community group has been promoted by a Chicago Alderwoman in her newsletter.

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — A North Side community group is calling for people to refrain from shooting guns in Chicago between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. to reduce the risk to people “not involved in high risk activities.”

The proposal from Rogers Park-based Native Sons, known as “The People’s Ordinance,” was recently promoted in an email newsletter by Ald. Maria Hadden (49th).

Now that’s a special kind of stupid right there.

7 thoughts on “STUCK ON STUPID? Meet one Chicago Alderwoman’s bright idea for lowering crime”
  1. Seems reasonable. Come on, they are giving you a 12 hour window to get all your shooting done. If you can’t get your shooting done in that time, then you really got issues. The biggest head scratcher here is why we didn’t ask for shoot-free Christmas (oops I meant “Winter Holiday”) or Labor Day weekend??

  2. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blockin’ out my landscape blowin’ my mind. Do this don’t do that can’t ya’ read the sign? And the sign said……

  3. What a fantastic concept – schedule your next murder during approved hours! Now this is progress.

  4. What a bright idea !!! The imbecilic liberal filth LOVES stupid stuff like this. It does nothing to solve the problem, makes the dimwitted feel safe, and lets gas bags like prickster do some grand standing for the zombie voters. May this alderwoman’s supporters enjoy more of the same and the outcomes !!!

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