Imagine taking your family to a very fancy wedding at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago.  Meanwhile, during the reception, your 14-year-old daughter ends up outside, abducted, then taken to a portable toilet used by construction crews and raped. 

Would that anger you?

Well, it happened on October 29th of last year and cops have now finally nabbed the (alleged) attacker.  A 14-year-old girl was abducted, taken inside a portable toilet and raped right outside the Chicago Public Library in the supposedly “safe” part of town.

They have a lot of high-brow, very pricey events at the Harold Washington Public Library.

Harold Washington Library -Chicago Wedding from Wes Craft Photography on Vimeo.

But today, there are no “safe” parts of Chicago.  There aren’t even any “safer” parts of Chicago.  There’s lunatics, gang members and armed robbers everywhere you turn.

In a miracle, Chicago Police caught the offender in the child abduction and rape case outside the library, in part thanks to the DNA he left behind that was collected with a rape kit.  To make matters worse, the girl was mentally challenged.

Despite the efforts of prosecutors to hold the accused abductor and rapist without bail, a judge set his bail at $250,000 to get released under Illinois’ Affordable Bail law.  $25,000 and he’s free as a bird to do it again.  As a homeless bum, that’s probably not going to happen unless the bail fund charity pays his bond to bail him out and that’s a real possibility.

And Chicago residents wonder why they have a crime problem?

Actually, many pretend as though they don’t have violent crime as a psychological defense mechanism.  AKA the “denial” response.

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — Prosecutors yesterday accused a Chicago man of abducting a 14-year-old girl outside the Harold Washington Library and sexually assaulting her in a nearby portable toilet.

Judge David Kelly refused to hold Julian Murray without bail, saying he found the state’s DNA evidence “quite compelling” but short of the legal threshold needed to deny bond.

It gets better.  The alleged attacker?  He’s an 8-time convicted felon, on probation for felony retail theft and has a warrant in Lake County.

Murray’s defense attorney argued that the description the girl gave of her attacker—a man in his 30s or 40s with a black beard and mustache with twists in his hair—could describe any number of people in the area of the attack. He said Murray worked as a restaurant cook until a few months ago and is currently homeless.

According to Huff, Murray is an eight-time convicted felon, mostly for manufacture-delivery of narcotics. He is currently on probation for felony retail theft in DuPage County and has an outstanding burglary warrant in Lake County. Kelly said he must post an additional $20,000 bail deposit to be released on the burglary charge.

For most of us, if he had raped our kids he probably wouldn’t make his court date if released.  He would probably suffer an fentanyl overdose.  Or a death from a blunt force instrument like a cinderblock.