Only low-information types think a sign saying “no guns” applies to anyone except the good guys.  Nothing – not wishful thinking, empty talk, or magic spells – stops bad people with evil in their hearts like a good guy with a gun.  New York City could have used a few of those millions of concealed carry license holders from Florida or Texas on Saturday around high noon in downtown NYC.

Robert Barrows of the New York City Police Department holds up a “gun free zone” sign during a City Council meeting Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022. (William Alatriste/NYC Council Media Unit)

Those “Gun Free Zone” signs that New York City politicians put up to make residents “feel” safe?  They did nothing to stop a 25-year-old from randomly shooting people from his scooter.  He had an illegal scooter, with an illegal gun with and illegal magazine.  He also shot at people (illegal) and he might have even been in America illegally.  Notice a theme here?

He didn’t care about the law.  He fired at a whole bevy of people.  He hit at least four, killing one.

The videos are not safe for work, including a lot of blood on one of them.

From NBC News:

A man used a motorized scooter to get from victim to victim in a New York City shooting spree on Saturday that ended with one dead, three injured, and a suspect in custody, police said.

The seemingly random attacks in Brooklyn and Queens started at 11:10 a.m., police said, and officially ended exactly two hours later with a suspect arrested in the latter borough, police said.

The man, identified only as a 25-year-old with a prior arrest, had a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun with an extended magazine and an “illegal” scooter without plates, New York Police First Deputy Commissioner Edward Caban said at a news conference.

Was the killer an “illegal” himself?

The victim of the first attack was described as a 21-year-old man shot from behind in Brooklyn and expected to survive, Assistant Chief Joseph Kenny said at the news conference.

Seventeen minutes later an 87-year-old man was shot in the back roughly three miles away, in Queens, police said. He was rushed to a hospital where he died, they said.

Elections have consequences.

NYC residents elected the current crop of miscreants running their city and state.  Those elected “leaders” like Alvin Bragg, the Soros-funded prosecutor who doesn’t prosecute.  They voted for a city council that defunded the police.  They voted for people who perpetuated gun control to keep them disarmed on the gun control plantation.

They also voted for the state’s legislative leaders in Albany who not only pass laws to keep them disarmed and helpless in the face of rising crime – from behind secured walls ringed with armed security no less.  New York voters elected pols who ended cash bail and allow criminals to run free on the streets.

Now these same voters are experiencing the consequences of their votes – good and hard.

Enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “GUN FREE ZONE SIGNS EPIC FAIL: NY killer buzzed through NYC shooting random pedestrians, wounding 4, killing 1”
  1. Good and hard. We don’t have these problems where I live. And that is why I live here and not there.

  2. These losers always, always seek a target rich environment with no likely return fire. Its not about the gun, its about the twisted freak that decides to do this with a gun, a car, a bomb, etc. Rest assured this guy was a walking time bomb and belonged in jail for prior offenses. The voters all but asked for this…Good and hard is correct.

  3. The POS didn’t run to help the old fellow…he went to ROB you see what he’s doing?


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