More and more Americans are waking up to the prevalence of pedophilia and pedophiles in our midst.  It’s far bigger than the occasional person busted for trading pictures and videos of children as young as infants being sexually abused by sick perverts.  It’s certainly a whole lot more than a high school couple taking home movies while engaged in teen couple activities.  

There’s a whole industry in child trafficking for sex abuse.  Look at Jeffrey Epstein.  For the record, he didn’t kill himself either.  There are a lot of powerful, influential people who partake in the evil of child sex abuse and worse.

The new movie “Sound of Freedom” has millions more Americans talking about this. 

I don’t know if that’s what spurred the owners of the SUV above to put that fresh-looking custom sticker on their back window, but I know a lot of people who share the sentiment.

Along those lines, (combating child trafficking, not shooting your local pedophile), a friend of mine send me an email about a project he’s running to raise money needed to train a K-9 to detect computer memory devices, including those tiny little micro-SD cards where pedophiles sometimes secret their illicit images and videos to evade discovery in event of the execution of a search warrant.  Those little micro-SD cards are pretty darn tiny.

I’m in for $50.  Maybe $100 if my wife wants to join the fun.  What can you do to help the cause?

I trust this guy.  He’s good people.



I’m currently doing a fundraiser for operation underground railroad. Trying to raise $10,000 for a digital sniffing canine. I believe one K9 and it’s training costs right at $10,000.

What these dogs do is, they are able to sniff electronic equipment, small data storage devices specifically, for the special forces teams that go in during the searches for child pornography, intelligence gathering or when they find a location where child trafficking has taken place. Many times the traffickers of both children and pornography will hide the evidence on very small digital memory drives, Smaller than thumb drives as pictured above. Finding these devices has always been difficult and most of the time impossible.

But with the latest new advances in technology, a specialized and highly trained nose of the modern K9.  Both Law enforcement agencies and private agencies, like those I’m working with at “Operation Underground Railroad” are able to sniff out vital evidence to get convictions for these crimes. When otherwise that information would go unknown.

The most famous example is “Jared” from the Subway commercials. His arrest and ultimately final conviction was only because of a digital electronic sniffing K9 that found his hidden stash of explicit kiddie p*rn. Without that evidence, he would be free to continue his life, funding child sexual abuse or worse.

Multiply his story by hundreds, thousands, millions. Then include trafficking, torture, and it become and epidemic that must be stopped.

Ask any Mexican mother her worst fear and she will say, my children being taken and sold. It’s that common in rural towns that it’s a mothers greatest fear.

I personally saw it in the 90’s when I was in Central America. Flying Drug Interdiction missions against the cartels and the inter tangled web of money, sex, drugs, child slaves, boys and girls . Unfortunately, I didn’t know then what I know now or the extent of what I was witnessing and the plague that it would become. I only hope what little time I was there helped someone.

$150 Billion a year worldwide. Surpassing the drug trade and yet government resources are 10 times more spent on anti-narcotics.

This evil is but one facet that affects our struggle for our right to own firearms as given by God and protected by the Constitution. Our rights and lives as Americans are under attack by the very same forces, agencies and individuals that are protecting, harboring, and even corroborating with this evil sickness. These individuals wish to strip away our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights as Lawful gun owners, we as sovereign citizens of the Republic of the United Stated of America, so that they can “rule” without interference. As your very well aware.

We have a righteous obligation, a duty if not to God then to our families, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors our communities, our friends, the children suffering to do something about this wickedness of infestation.

If there’s anything you can do, or will do to help me raise awareness for this cause for this fundraiser, I would appreciate it greatly even just one canine for their team is like a force multiplier. This is the front line right now in the battle against evil.

I’m willing to donate a firearm for a raffle to raise awareness and funds towards this cause. Splitting the proceeds and giving to GSL and my fundraiser. If allowed I’ll give a short statement or slideshow/video about Tom Ballard and O.U.R. and their teams of  special forces that hunt down arrest, kill or capture the traffickers and rescue the children. I can Donate movie tickets to the “Sound of Freedom”.

Chad Berck

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  1. Hope the dogs are good at sniffing for chips. But Jesus, the average home is jam packed with computer chips. TVs, remotes, cable boxes, audio stuff, smart this and smart that, furnaces, appliances, radios, clocks and the list goes on and on. Love that they caught the Subway guy. Love the “shoot your local pedophile” sticker too.

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