The Sound of Freedom, the new movie about good guys who take down pedophiles had a great opening day on the July 4th holiday.  In fact, it beat Indiana Jones by a fair margin.  Unlike the latest installment of Indiana Jones, Sound of Freedom doesn’t have a $294 million budget for production and scores of millions more in promotional costs.

What else does Sound of Freedom not have?  



The Daily Signal has the deets:

Angel Studios’ “Sound of Freedom,” an action thriller exposing the child sex slave trade featuring “Passion of the Christ” actor Jim Caviezel, sold more tickets heading into its opening day July 4 than the blockbuster wannabe “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.”

“As exciting that it is to hit the number 1 spot for this summer opening, it doesn’t even come close to the excitement that the number means for awareness of this issue,” Jordan Harmon, co-owner of Angel Studios, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview Wednesday.

“Sound of Freedom” topped the charts with $14.3 million in ticket sales at 2,634 theaters on the Fourth of July, according to Box Office Mojo. “Indiana Jones” came in second with $11.7 million at 4,600 theaters. Disney’s “Elemental,” with $2.8 million at 3,650 theaters, was a distant third…

“The early projections had sound of freedom at $10 million for the whole week, to do $14-plus million on opening day is wild,” he added. “We’re thrilled to death, there’s a lot to do and there’s awareness to be brought to this incredible cause.”

Go watch it, folks.



2 thoughts on “HISTORIC: ‘Sound of Freedom’ movie tops woke, blockbuster wannabe Indiana Jones 5 flick as top film on July 4”
  1. Anyone who engages in human trafficking of any kind deserves to die screaming and spewing blood. This movie is more important than ever these days with Marxist scum in the White House making human trafficking much easier with a wide open border and pandering to the groomer trans / drag / child mutilation culture.

  2. Too many powerful people participate in child sex slavery for this flick to do really well. Swinging from a lightpost is too kind for people who sexually abuse kids. So is a wood chipper unless they’re tied up so it takes a while to make it through. Hungry hogs sounds just about right. That means all those folks like Bill Gates who flew to Epstein’s island just for starters.

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