A star is born thanks to American social media.  It all begins with the media-fueled belief that every man in Texas has an armory in their home.  Every urban legend has a grain of truth in it.  In Texas, many of the women have an arsenal too.

Anyway, our newest “star” named Jason Rogers claims he’s a man from Texas.  Note I didn’t say he was a “Texas Man.”  If he indeed is from Texas, he must hail from Austin.  Here’s how he describes himself on Twitter:  “Army vet, Former English teacher at Angelina College, current diesel tech. SFA alumnus. Ran for Texas House a few times. Lost a few times.”

Well now, some real Texans narrowly dodged a bullet thanks to their votes for his opponents.

Anyway, ol’ Jason’s trying to claim his 15 minutes of fame in life.  Jason’s “sick” about all the guns in Texas.  His ticket for attempted admission to the “15 minutes of fame” club is his Mossberg 500 bird gun…  “Mine” he writes, suggesting that he only has a single gun.

I don’t consider myself the manliest of men (I really need to get back to the gym), but I’ve got two guns on my person at the moment and I’m at home.  In Illinois.

What kind of real Texas man only has a single Mossberg birdgun?

I rest my case.  This man is no Texas man.  In fact, I’m not sure he’s from Texas.

Anyway, our brain surgeon puts his poor, defenseless shotgun on a stack of three boards and proceeds to assault it with a sledge hammer.

Speaking of the gym, this guy needs to visit one too.

It’s akin to beating your redheaded step child.  And about as productive.

Not satisfied with beating it just once or twice, he goes at it a third time.  Kudos to Mossberg for making sturdy shotguns.

His wife is surely so proud of him.  Or maybe she’s happy he’s beating that poor shotgun instead of her.  Who knows.


You might be an Army vet, sir.  You’re also a dimwit.  But I’ll defend your right to be a dimwit with all of my might.

14 thoughts on “A STAR IS BORN: Idiot smashes his Mossberg shotgun because he’s ‘sick all the guns in Texas’”
  1. I’m sure that will solve all the “gun violence” in Texas. The gang members and criminals will are smiling. Too bad he didn’t give it to a VFW or church to raffle off.

    1. Hilarious narrative, Mr. Boch. Freddy, you forgot to mention that if Mr. Brain surgeon did that to his Dick he might prevent child molestation too.

    2. I like that. He should do another video beating his schlong with a hammer to help reduce the risk of rape for women (and men). And the chance that he might procreate with “birthing person”.

    1. I was gonna say! He should, indeed, come to chitcago and ask the gangbangers on de souf\side if de’y’ll lets him do dat to dere guns.

      Let’s see how long it takes til he wished he had his mossy 500 with him!

  2. If he was my “friend” before this, I would never speak with him again. I don’t hang out with felony stupid people.

  3. Governor jellybelly and dimwit rouel would love this guy wouldn’t they

  4. This moron is no “man”, (s)he is too feminized, I’m surprised s/he isn’t sporting a “man-bun” and lace panties. Being s/he is a former English instructor, surely the “teacher’s union” has had a significant influence on his mental (in)stability. Too bad s/he cleared the chamber of shells, it would have been a much better video if s/he would have shot her/himself in the crotch.

    1. Lace panties. Ugh. Thanks for the thought. Shoot himself in the crotch? HIs balls shriveled up to dust many decades ago. If he ever had any.

  5. He would have been better served with a band saw, but less dramatic. He barely damaged that 500. Now what? Toss it in the trash? So many people wanna be relevant to the culture, but dont know how. Like this clown. He has confused symbolism over substance. He really wants to stop violence? Thats a good deal more work than acting as if he wants to stop it. Just wear that ribbon Kramer.

  6. His boyfriend will be so proud! Or, maybe his husband. What an effin’ shithead.

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