Robert F. Kennedy Jr. used a townhall in New Hampshire to explain he is not going to take guns and the approach of trying to do so would not stop school shootings.  In case you’re wondering if you’re hallucinating, RFK, Jr. is a Democrat.  Today’s Democrats don’t typically say such things, and when they do, they quickly get shouted down by the more “mainstream” Dems of our times.

National Gun Rights Association’s Will Fite tweeted about the townhall after RFK Jr. stressed that he is not going to take away guns.

Moreover, he pointed to the Supreme Court of the United States Bruen (2022) decision and noted it is not possible to “do anything” to secure gun control, even if someone wanted more of it.
RFK Jr. focused on school shootings and rejected claims that taking guns would be effectual in stopping such attacks anyway.
He said, “Anyone who tells you that we can end the violence to our children that’s going on now by removing people’s guns, in the margin that has been left to us by this very expansive Supreme Court decision [Bruen] is not being truthful with you.”

RFK Jr. emphasized that “something has changed in this country. It’s not the guns, we’ve always had the guns.” He believes the focus should shift from guns to investigating how psychiatric drugs impact kids.

On June 5, 2023, Breitbart News reported on a conversation between Elon Musk and RFK Jr., in which RFK Jr. said, “My position on gun control is that I’m not going to take away anybody’s guns. I’m a constitutional maximalist and the issue has been settled by the Supreme Court.”

— AWR Hawkins – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains Why Taking People’s Guns Won’t End School Shootings

7 thoughts on “RFK, Jr: ‘I’m a Constitutional Maximalist And The [Gun] Issue Has Been Settled By The Supreme Court.’”
  1. That’s nice and it would be great if there was a shift in liberal thinking along these lines, but the media will take care of him in short order (that is, if he somehow manages to get IN the media).

    1. Didn’t take long to disprove his bullshit, did it? He doesn’t even lie well.

  2. Typical politician BS. breitbart dot com /2nd-amendment/2023/06/29/rfk-jr-says-he-would-sign-assault-weapons-ban-if-it-reached-his-desk/

  3. And being a Democrap, he’s a f’ing liar. You should know better than to buy into this horseshit.

  4. Hmmmm. In some cases the over-prescription of drugs may be pertinent. Why not talk about the real issue. The traditional culture of family (mom and dad in the home), discipline, responsibility, God in our lives, morality (religious based), and ethics. RFK is correct in asking what has changed. Those I mentioned have changed! While we are at it how about looking at Hollywood and their crap, C’crap’ music, violent video games, can anyone else add to the list ?

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