This one is not safe for work, but it’s glorious watching a pregnant Texas woman shooting a would-be carjacker who wasn’t content just taking her ride.  Instead, tough guy came over and stuck his gun in her man’s face. 

She she shot his posterior.

Worth noting:  these thugs like to travel in packs.  Be sure to see what his wingman had on him.  But of course Mr. Wingman bailed at the first sign of a victim shooting back at them.

And the original tough guy carjacker decided he didn’t want to play anymore, tossing his gun away from his body after soaking up multiple rounds.

Good thing most of these schmucks don’t have a clue about sights.

4 thoughts on “FAFO: Pregnant woman in Texas pops armed carjacker [VIDEO]”
  1. Commands to divest himself of his firearm? on the ground with a firearm in-hand is a deadly threat. Make the threat dead, big leap of faith coming out of or not seeking cover when a deadly threat still is a deadly threat.

    1. Most people have never trained about moving and shooting.
      And if those two were carrying without a license (and the related training in Texas), then they may not have had formal training. But thank heavens they had their guns. They did well enough and I’m glad they came out on top.

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