Leave it to Gov. J.B. Pritzker to issue a statement in the aftermath of the massive shootout that took place in Willowbrook, IL about twenty miles west of Murder City USA.  It’s filled with all of the talking points of the leftists who have enabled the sorts of behaviors that lead to violence like this.

Remember, Illinois is home to a mountain of gun control.  And affordable bail and furloughs for criminals on house arrest for serious crimes.  And Cook County has the wonderful, Soros-funded State’s Attorney Kim Foxx who doesn’t prosecute criminals and even when she does, judges seem more than a little reluctant to send bad guys to prison.

Then there’s the low rates of arrests for major crimes – specifically 5% in Chicago.  Crime without consequences.


In case it doesn’t embed properly, here it is:

What’s there?

“Violent shooting” – it was a shootout between gangs.  Evidence markers show shell casings throughout the parking lot, not just on one side.

“Gun violence.”  That’s the liberal dodge to describing what it really is:  gang violence.

“Public health emergency”?  More liberal buzzwords that deflect from what it really is:  criminal gang violence.

“Where gunfire erupts” – as if gunfire just happens out of the blue.  Again, a refusal to address gang violence and pretend it doesn’t exist.

“I remain committed to banning these dangerous weapons…”  Well, that’s certainly true.  But you already did governor.  And look what happened!  The gangs don’t care.

“Deepest condolences.”  Well, as one would expect.  No thoughts and prayers for you poor folks.

What’s missing:

Gang violence.  Criminal violence.  Black-on-Black violence.  Thoughts and prayers.  Note how it also lacks the strong, powerful verbiage Prizker tweeted out after someone found an alleged noose on the Obama Presidential Library Construction site last fall. 


But then again, maybe he saves that just for when someone allegedly finds a noose at the Obama Presidential Library construction website.

5 thoughts on “Governor JB Pritzker’s ‘statement’ on the Willowbrook shootout omits facts and has much softer language that a condemnation of a noose on a construction site”
  1. What a surprise !!!!! JB’s big “gun control” law did nothing to stop the crime and violence even though he promised it would. Normally the liberal anti freedom gun haters LOVE LOVE LOVE a good bloody massacre because they can use the killing as a platform and the bodies for props in their demands for more gun control. JB should be explaining to us why his new law did nothing. Of course the media won’t ask and will help bury this story. Be careful everyone !!! especially if you ” gather for holiday celebrations” that take place in parking lots at midnight.

  2. Pritzker is a pandering piece of shit. There is no other commentary needed about that Paul Bunyan sized pantload.

  3. Governor Big Boy has once again proven his lack understanding of anything. A peaceful gathering at 12:30 in the morning is anything but. And I heard in the midst of the sheriffs deputies response. They were called away for a 911 call. So much for taking control of the chaos.

  4. “Families are forced to run for safety.” WTF ??? Who wrote this, the Bloviating Blowhole or one of his affirmative action/dei staffers? What family is out at 12:40 AM in the midst of those people ? This mope can be committed to banning the sun, it will not work !!!!!! Those people are thugs, criminals, cretins. Those people worry about John Boy’s ban about as much as an Eskimo worries about snow. And we have all of these handwringing soccer moms, the male variety included, with their virtue signaling bullshit who believe this assclown.

  5. Oh Rabble Rouser the deputies were not responding to anything. The deputies were sitting in their cars afraid to break this hood-rat hala-balou up because some assclown like Brandon Johnson may call them a raciss. No control of chaos was attempted due to the scourge of slavery reparations. Dan Proft attempted to have Sheriff Mendrick on his show Tuesday morning to ask that very question, among others I am sure. The assclown Mendrick, who should be removed from his office pronto, engaged in an unprofessional and self- important a-hole text exchange which Proft read on air. James Mendrick is a political hack and NO friend of yours. The situation today in this country I would not trust a cop, certainly not a political hack sheriff.

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