Police saw it coming.  WBNS 10TV reported that police were “close by” monitoring a party of 200 “youths” at an impromptu parking lot “party” to celebrate Juneteenth in Willowbrook, IL.  The town lies just 20 miles from downtown Chicago.  Then police were called away to a fight.  While cops responded to the fight call, a car rolled up and shooters emerged and opened up on the crowd. 

In the end, as many as 23 were shot, another was killed and cops have zero people in custody.

The would-be mass murderer(s), likely armed with a switched GLOCK pistols, sprayed the crowd.  What’s more, judging by the photos of the scene the next day, it looks as though people in the crowd fired back.  It’s unknown who got shot by whom.  Of course, effectively nobody is talking to police.  And police have nobody in custody.

In short, it’s just more black-on-black gang violence.  And that’s why the mainstream media will memory hole the incident.  Or, in the words of one pundit, they’ll cover the story with a pillow until it stops moving.

Here’s what it looked like immediately after cops arrived.

Obviously twenty aren’t dead.  Thankfully.

The kings of fake news at CNN reported it as such:

At least 22 people were injured and one person was killed by gunfire overnight in Illinois, in a peaceful Juneteenth celebration turned deadly, police say.

Well, it was “mostly peaceful” until a carload of bad guys opened up on the festivities, likely with full-auto and fully illegal GLOCK pistols.

An unknown number of suspects fired multiple rounds from multiple weapons into the large crowd of people gathered to celebrate Juneteenth, according to a statement from the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office.

Once more, evidence suggests multiple members of the crowd fired back.

Several other victims were injured in the chaos as people attempted to flee the area, and victims are being treated at hospitals in the area, the sheriff’s office said.

No suspects are in custody, police said.

The shooting took place around 12:30 a.m. in a parking lot in Willowbrook, about 21 miles west of Chicago.

A large group of people gathered for the celebration from around 6 p.m. on Saturday, and police were at the site to monitor the event, the sheriff’s office said.

The officers were called away around 12:25 a.m. to respond to a 911 call reporting a fight nearby.

Why almost like one gang used a burner phone to call the police away so they could attack members of an opposing gang in the parking lot, right?

“As deputies responded, they heard gunshots and immediately returned to the scene of the gathering,” the sheriff’s office said.

Witnesses said the parking lot was still filled with people when the sound of gunshots rang out and the scene turned chaotic. Some people started running.

And others started shooting back.

It’s just another instance of black-on-black gang violence in the Land of Lincoln.

7 thoughts on “HAPPY JUNETEENTH: 20+ Shot, 1 Dead, 0 Arrests in Willowbrook, IL Juneteenth Party Shooting”
  1. Sounds like the gang-bangers have a direct line to Chy-na for the Glock switches and they are as available as skittles on “the street”, where are they getting all the ammunition from? In ILL-Annoy a FOID card is required to buy ammo legally, these kinds of shootouts must use up a massive amount in a short amount of time.

    1. Not to worry. It should be quite easy for ISP to trace down these gun owners. After all, I am certain they have registered their Glocks, auto-sears and 33-round mags with ISP and ATF, as appropriate. ISP should send one of their Paul Blart’s around to simply collect them from the offenders. Make sure when you go, you bring Kwame the Klown as backup, just in case.

  2. Made up holiday. I also have a very difficult time believing there is any violence in Illinois at all, post PICA. Fat Bastard has spoken, and all violence stopped as soon as the new law came down. So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

    1. Made up, just like kwanza.
      Juneteenth sounds like a holiday made up by the ebonics crowd.

  3. Gee, how did I know it was going to be those little rascals and scholars from the Amish communites in Canada? Until the black communities start cleaning house of bad guys in their midst, they will continue to enjoy black on black violence. The Klan couldn’t be happier with how things are now. But from my history I know the Klan was the violent faction of the Democrat party. The same party that gives us permissive attitudes (masquerading as compassion) about crime control.

    1. Freddy, those of us that are AWARE and not WOKE understand that the criminal element of society are the main constituents of democRAT politicians along with the illegal invaders of the southern “border”, not law-abiding American citizens registered to vote since turning 18.

  4. “Peaceful”, “Juneteenth”… More common denominators showing up. I have no words, none that Mr. Boch would rightly censor.

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