You play stupid games, expect to win stupid prizes.  Or, put another way, carry a hatchet around intimidating your neighbors, expect them to call the cops.  One way or another, you will put that hatchet down, assuming a good guy gun owner doesn’t appear before the cops do.

In Des Plaines, on May 24, police were called to a violent man with an axe.  He brandished the axe and cops warned him to drop it.  He kept advancing, so they dropped him.  He died from his wounds.

Here’s the video.


Maybe Mr. Axe-wielding (Scott McDonald) was having a psychotic breakdown, or maybe not.  Either way, the axe doesn’t become dull just because the person wielding it is cray cray.

Without police, the guy could have done a pretty fair recreation of The Shining into one of the other residences. 


That is, if the occupant didn’t have the most effective means with which to protect one’s life and residence from violent attack.

Hmmm, what might that be?

2 thoughts on “Des Plaines PD pops axe-wielding bully in apartment hallway…”
  1. He must have bought an “assault” axe. You know like the “assault” tire iron.

  2. Does anyone think that if a concealed carry holder did exactly the same thing they would have no charges pending? Absolutely he would. Ridiculous ambush shooting.

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