Most Americans generally trust the government to do the right thing.  As time goes by though, government gives us more and more reasons to distrust them.  Like hiring 87,000 armed IRS agents.  Or the government’s fixation on gun control when they leave the border wide open to illegals and drugs. 

And speaking of gun control, there’s more than one way to disarm the little people in America.  Lawmakers pass gun bans like the one JB Pritzker signed earlier this year.  Other times do-gooders in government will “buy back” guns.  Guns they never owned. 

And now, there’s a new and far more insidious way to take guns out of circulation: by rendering them inoperable inside gun owners’ homes.

You read that right.

No, it’s not some high-tech device, but in fact it’s rather low-tech.  It’s not fast, but it’s effective.

It’s called rust.

How the local scheme to rust good guy guns works…
Police in Bloomington, IL gave away 312 “gun safes” to local residents this past weekend.  The money was provided by taxpayers in the form of government grants.  And you’ll be appalled at the inefficiencies, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

People lined up early last Saturday to get their “free” 100-pound safes at the Farmer’s Market downtown.  So many turned out in fact that police started handing out vouchers a half-hour early because the line created issues.

Here’s the problem for those picking up their “free” safe: the safes aren’t made for securing firearms

In fact, Sentry warns customers IN BIG BOLD TEXT not to use the safes for storing firearms.  Yes, prominently in bold letters on page 2 of the user’s manual.  Why?  Because moisture accumulation inside will cause firearms to rust.  And just like anti-gun politicians, rust is relentless.  Unlike politicians though, rust will render guns non-functional.

Here is the announcement ahead of the event on the Bloomington, IL PD Facebook page:

The Bloomington Police Department (BPD) is giving away combination safes to residents to promote firearm safety. In partnership with the Be Smart Organization, and made possible by grant funds awarded by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, the BPD is offering a free safe to city of Bloomington residents. According to Chief Simington, “The Bloomington Police Department is happy to work in partnership with the community members of our city to enhance gun safety. This is one step in the right direction to not only educate responsible gun owners about gun security, but also provide a resource for them to safely secure their weapons. This will reduce gun access to kids and others who should not possess a gun, as well as reduce the amount of stolen guns taken in burglaries.”

Vouchers will be provided at the Farmers Market Downtown Bloomington on Saturday, 6/10/23, from 7:30am-12pm. Read below for the terms and conditions of the giveaway.
Qualifications: To qualify for a free gun safe you must present a FOID card. Additionally, if the FOID card does not indicate you are a resident of Bloomington, IL, you must present government-issued identification that does. Only one gun safe per household. Upon meeting the above requirements, a resident will be given gun safety information and a voucher to redeem for a free gun safe. Quantities are limited and vouchers will be given on a first come, first served basis.

And the ecstatic Bloomington Police Department announcement after the “giveaway” of safes that will rust guns into inoperability.

BPD Gun Safe Giveaway was an ENORMOUS success! All 312 safes were given away in 45 minutes! We started 30 minutes early because the line had backed up on Main Street from Jefferson to around Washington. We got to spend the rest of the time meeting with wonderful patrons of the Farmers Market.

A special thanks to Be Smart members Sheri Strohl and Jenny MacPherson for there help at the event. They were instrumental from the very beginning to getting this event to even happen and they continue to be fantastic partners in keeping our community safe.

Sgt. Nowers and Ofc. Monahan also want to thank BFD EMSP Supervisor Derick Riordan for helping us connect with all of the families, but especially the children who got to take pictures in BPD and BFD squad cars.

You can see in one of the photos as he tried to convince an adorable girl that being a firefighter is better. He was heartbroken when she told him she wanted to be a police officer (See how much happier she is in the photos with Ofc. Monahan and Sgt. Nowers?)

Chief Simington added, “The Bloomington Police Department is proud to work with our community to enhance safety. The safe giveaway is just one more way to increase the security of weapons in homes. Locked weapons and continuous, responsible storage is paramount to saving lives. The overwhelming response solidifies the need & thank our BPD teammates & many stakeholders who were instrumental in this concept.”

Would they have had similar response if they had more accurately advertised the event as one to give away gun rusting devices for local residents?

Who is BPD Chief Jamal Simington?  He comes from the Illinois State Police and was hired by by uber-woke Bloomington Mayor Mboka Mwilambwe.

In short, Jamal Simington is no friend of the right of the little people to have guns for personal defense, but he does hold a “a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate from the University of South Florida.”  Thank heavens, right?

Here’s a clip from the story about his selection as reported by WGLT:

Simington, who is Black, added he wants to emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion, which he said he brings with him from Illinois State Police.

“That’s in how we serve the community. That’s also in how we recruit and diversify the organization,” Simington said.

Apparently he’s more interested in diversity than a meritocracy.  That’s how you get a mediocracy, but those are a lot of big words for low-information folks.

Here is another shot of BPD’s big chief at an anti-gun event just a week or two earlier with the anti-gun “wearing orange” crowd.  Wearing orange just like prisoners.

As an aside, doing a little more research, the City of Bloomington paid $190.35 for each of the safes when ordering them in bulk.  Again, grants paid for the gun rusting devices.

They could have picked them up at the local Walmart for $172.

Once again, government is neither efficient nor competent.  Unless destroying your personal property is their goal in this case.  In which case, money is no object.

10 thoughts on “INSIDIOUS: Bloomington PD gives away ‘gun safes’ that destroy guns!”
  1. Nice job, Bloomington. You could have sent people to Walmart and saved some money. As for guns rusting, anyone with a gun in a safe should have some sort of dehumidifier inside. The probably is most novices don’t know this. The Sentry people mention the humidity building in bold makes me think this safe is prone to humidity build up. Great. Put it in your basement and really rust those guns out!

  2. Appears the staff at Be Smart is not so smart. Appears Bloomington PD likes to waste taxpayer money. Appears the usual suspects are at play: Jamal, Mboka, Kiejoun’s Mother, the DEI crowd, the End Gun Violence crowd, ho-hum more stupid on display. I am very tired of hearing the ‘stakeholder’ bull-shite among the other buzzwords for cretins and morons. I am tired of cretins and morons.

  3. I believe the close proximity of Illinois State University, chocked full of cretins, morons, and democrats but I repeat myself, has led to the stupid virus running unchecked at Bloomington AND Normal PD’s. The bleed over of DEI from that institution of higher learning seems to have caused the quality of staff to suffer, this is cause and effect. Both departments have been in the news as of late for really stupid reasons.

  4. Kind of like that covid so-called vaccine. If you read the paperwork, it says there is no real vaccine for covid and that people should ONLY take by choice as in informed consent. The government violated The Nuremberg Code.

  5. I would expect Chicago to do something like this. Not Bloomington. I see the Mayor is from the Congo… hopefully he won’t run that city like it is in Africa.

  6. Wait until jb Hitler hears about this. He’ll be ordering his bought and paid for general assembly to pass legislation that every gunm owner must have one of these gunm safes.
    Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is praise the lord that Ron DeSantis is my governor!

  7. Actually had a smaller Sentry safe decades ago. The main thing I recall about it was rust issues. The safe itself was rusting inside. One or more brothers had one as well with the same problem. Have they not improved any in all that time?

  8. Sad to see the police chief is a cuckold for the mentally ill “moms” that help enable murder rather than actually addressing the issues.

    1. If he weren’t, he wouldn’t have been hired by the DEI crowd in the first place. Law enforcement is not the focus of the police in cities; diversity and inflicting wokeism on America is.

      Name me ONE diversity hire that has ever proven to be worth a F at anything. I’ll wait.

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