I’m dating myself, but I can remember when my dad would bring home the Springfield State Journal-Register and sit down with my mom to read the previous couple of days’ news.  Today, I don’t know anyone who has a subscription to the dead tree press of yesterday’s news.

People ask where I find the best news.  Well, what’s “the best” for me and what you like are two different things.  Ditto for what gun works best for me isn’t necessarily the best for you.  In fact it probably isn’t.

Here’s my daily list of online news outlet.

  1.  Instapundit.  National news of a serious and sober sort.  God bless Glenn Reynolds.  (I love it when he links to my stuff…)
  2.  ZeroHedge.  More national news with a financial touch.  Good stuff.  (Love it when he links to my stuff, even if it’s not always with attribution).
  3. WirePoints.  Illinois news.
  4. The Center Square.  Wirepoints pushed them out of the primary Illinois spot with hard work and research.
  5. Liberty Daily.  Fringe stuff.
  6. Lucianne.  Updated throughout the day.  Truly cutting edge, late-breaking.
  7. The Truth About Guns (duh!).  I’m a writer there.  
  8. Guns Save Life.  Make sure our server’s running and approve pending comments.
  9. Gmail.  Check the old email.
  10. YouTube.
    1. Police Activity.  I loved “Cops” on TV as a kid.  Now it’s real cops, with real people.
    2. Freedom’s Steel – Vandermyde’s channel.
    3. Four Boxes Diner – Great legal.
    4. Honor Your Oath Civil Rights Investigations.  Guy stands out front of city halls with a “God bless the homeless” sign and tests if local authorities will respect his 1A rights.  Often, they don’t.
    5. Washington Gun Law.  William Kirk is awesome.
    6. Bishop on Air.  Greg Bishop’s clips from his radio show.  
  11. CWB Chicago.  The crime news from Murder City USA
  12. GunFreeZone.  Miguel has “retired” but it’s still good.
  13. Ace of Spades HQ:  Fairly good.  Used to be religious in reading “The Morning Report.”  But it’s gotten so big it’s almost a long read just to catch up on the headlines.  Plus it’s really dark some days.
  14. Reddit’s “Defensive Gun Use” page.  Great place for Armed American stories.
  15. Newsbreak.com digest of local news for about any (major) city in Illinois.

Google the site names for the URLs.