If you think that Chicago’s city council gives a damn about the health and safety of residents and visitors to the city, think again.  The council members are all busy bickering with one another over government handouts for their favored racial groups.  The white liberals want money for the illegal aliens.  The blacks want reparations for blacks.  The Hispanics want money for “their own” people as Americans while some want aid for illegals.

Not a one of these groups are advocating for putting bad boy criminals in prison for committing violent crimes against their fellow Americans.

Oh, and then there are the police, understaffed and who have measles outbreaks in police stations where the city’s leaders are dumping the illegals as they arrive into the “sanctuary city.”  Nothing like exposing the families of police officers.

But don’t worry!  JB Pritzker is sure to sign the bill that allows FELON ILLEGAL ALIENS to become police officers.  I’m sure they’ll recognize and respect Americans’ constitutionally-protected rights, won’t they?

Frankly, that’s only a half-step away from blue-helmeted UN troops which for me at least is fodder for the final box solution to defending liberty from tyranny.

Greg Bishop had a Chicago reporter on his Springfield radio show who explains what’s happening behind the scenes in Chicago.


In short, it’s gonna get a LOT worse very soon.

If you HAVE to go to Chicago, don’t carry a gun.  Carry two.

And spare ammo.