California’s comprehensive regime of strict gun control laws have worked to ensure that mostly bad guys have guns in the Golden State. Gavin Newsom’s done his damnedest through radically restrictive limits on keeping and bearing arms to keep firearms out of the hands of most good men and women. That leaves the violent criminals to carry freely, especially in jurisdictions where Soros-funded (non)prosecutors rule the roost.

In Oakland, a trio of brazen armed robbers struck Thursday morning just outside the Alameda County Courthouse. They scored big, catching Judge Kevin Murphy walking from the parking garage to the courthouse. They relieved him of his Rolex, his wallet, key fob and miscellaneous other valuables without the slightest worry of apprehension.

This is more of the same crime that comes from a criminal population that has been allowed to live without the fear of consequences.

KTVU has more . . .

Judge Kevin Murphy was starting his day when he was robbed by three masked men of his Rolex watch, wallet and other personal items at gunpoint, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office announced on Thursday

Murphy was walking from a parking garage to the René C. Davidson Courthouse building, which sits near Lake Merritt, when he was robbed, a source said…

A source close to the investigation said Murphy, a former prosecutor for the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, was not physically harmed during the incident, which the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed. 

Would it surprise you to learn that police were unable to apprehend the suspects? Who knows? Maybe the three had a court date and decided to do a little “business” beforehand.

One would think there would be better than average security and a larger police presence outside the Rene C. Davidson Courthouse. Especially for individuals like judges. But in a deep blue city where crime is not only tolerated but virtually encouraged, everyone is at risk.

By now, most of us who don’t live in Condition White are well aware that the three places the average person is most likely to find themselves the victim of a violent crime are 1) parking lots and garages, 2) gas stations, and 3) the last fifty or one hundred feet from your own front door. Maybe we need to add a fourth location to the list: the vicinity around blue city halls of criminal justice.

Oh yeah, stay in condition yellow to avoid Condition Brown.

3 thoughts on “BRAZEN: Judge robbed in broad daylight across from courthouse in gun-controlled California”
  1. He’s a piece of Democrat filth (appointed by Schwarzenegger – go figure) so my well of sympathy ran dry on this one right away. He undoubtedly voted for it, so he can enjoy what his soft on crime party wrought. The more of this that occurs, the faster people will grow weary of the communist approach towards crime in America.

  2. I am not surprised Schwartzee appointed this guy, Schwartzee is part of the Bushy Boy cabal. No different from Easterbrook being appointed by The Great Communicator, Ronnie was not the Conservative he is given credit for being. Look at the number of judges appointed by the Bush Cabal who are trampling our rights. These chucks are referred to as ‘law and order’ judges, a synonym for feral grubberment drones. If one takes a look at judicial appointments in the last 40 years it seems the president who appointed the most judges who are consistent in upholding the constitutional philosophy they purport to value, Donald Trump has the best track record. Much of this has to do with the recommendations of the Federalist Society. Trump was not a great friend of the 2nd Amendment, remember the cabinet meeting in which he said take the guns first worry about due process later? The bump stock debacle? I am not going to debate Trump supporters, ALL politicians have their pros and cons.

  3. By the way, where is Judge Benitez? Seems St. Benitez has cloistered in a monastery. I am waiting for the ‘judicial red wave’ overturning all of CA’s 2A shennanigans. Bueller, Bueller, Bueller…

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