A Pittsburgh, PA homeowner faced down two unwanted and unwelcome home invaders at 10:09am.  The homeowner accessed his gun and fired on the intruders, striking one fatally.  Before he expired, he ran outside and collapsed.  The other perp escaped in an unknown condition.

One TV news station said that some of the neighbors were brought into the crime scene to identify the body which was a relative of theirs.  The dead perp was identified as 18-year-old “Sir Morgan.”

He should have known better than try to rob his neighbor.

From PennLive:

An 18-year-old was shot and killed following a home invasion in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood, according to news reports.

The incident occurred along the 7500 block of Bennett Street at around 10:09 a.m., according to reports from WPXI and WTAE.

Police said a homeowner fired a gun at two intruders in his house. One of them was shot while the other person fled.

Police told WTAE that a dead body was found lying in the street near the house. He was later identified as Sir Morgan, 18, of Pittsburgh.

While Sir Morgan’s premature death is a shame, we’re glad the bad guy was killed here and not the innocent homeowner.

4 thoughts on “HAPPY ENDING: Homeowner faces down pair of home invaders in PA, both flee but ‘Sir’ dies tired”
  1. That was awful polite of him to run outside and die, rather than make a bloody mess inside the house.

  2. Hi Jboch, I hope you’ll see this. I wrote in another article that we should have a Constitutional Rights Offender Registry for any officer that enforces either this pistol brace or the “assault weapon” law. I wasn’t able to reply to your comment because the button wasn’t there but in response, you’re right, there probably isn’t a single legislature in the country that would pass such a thing. That’s because it would empower We The People wayyyyy too much. The Dems wouldn’t go for it because they WANT law enforcement going after their assumed political opponents otherwise known as lawful gun owners. The Republicans can shout freedom and pro-2A all they want but their votes in Springfield reflects a more accurate picture of their positions. Just look at HB2722 which funds Pritzker’s foot soldiers. The Repubs are 100% lockstep Uniparty! Aside from that, the GOP has this “back the blue” stuff so far up their backsides that most of them would throw We The People under the bus to avoid the risk of being called “anti-cop.” It’s like the fear on the other side of being called a racist. Once you get public officials in lockstep fear over what name they might get called, the activists groups control them like a puppet on a string and thus, said public official ignores the needs and RIGHTS of their constituents. So that being said, we still can’t count on the courts to save our rights. It is ultimately up to us, We The People to change the culture ourselves and thus the 2A. It has to be socially unacceptable to enforce these laws and ATF rules. So sure a legislature isn’t going to pass an offender registry, HOWEVER, someone in your position or anyone running a well known 2A website needs to set up a page where again, We The People can report in when an officer pulls over a CCW holder and checks the mags for 15 round compliance. OR when someone is target shooting with their AR especially if the registration on guns sticks and gets harassed. OR when someone is in a gun store and the ISP drops by for a compliance check. WE have the right to know any officer’s name, vehicle description, license plate number, badge number, what counties are enforcing this stuff, what highways cops hide behind the bushes licking their lips for a speeder when the real reason is for firearms compliance checks, what hunting grounds tend to have random cops in the area violating our rights. You see, WE can do a lot to not only shame the bad police doing this to us, but to also inform one another of what is happening and where so people will be more aware of it. Please consider this and talk to fellow journalists about it. It’s the one tool we do have in this culture war and we must take the recent constitutional violations more seriously and step it up. The system isn’t there to protect us. It’s there to screw us. It’s imperative to accept that reality. Please consider this! If we are to do this, it will require some testicular fortitude.

  3. Agreed on shitbag running out to take most of the mess with him. Shame there wasn’t a blood trail for the second one.

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