Did you hear about Governor Pritzker finally allowing his seemingly never-ending procession of COVID emergency declarations to wind down in early May?  You wouldn’t be alone if you didn’t.  However, it spells a big change in how the Illinois State Police are handling FOID and CCW applications.

We are now back to “don’t let your FOID/CCW expire!”

That’s right: If your FOID expires, you’re no longer a legal gun owner.  In fact, you may become a felon before you realize it.  What’s more, an ISP “firearms enforcement team” may pay you a little visit to “rehome” your firearms, forcefully if necessary.

If your CCW license expires, you’ll have to reapply.  Good news here: you’ll only technically need the 3-hour renewal as you only have to take the initial 8/16-hour class once in your lifetime.  But you will have to wait for your “friends” at ISP’s Firearms Services Bureau to process you application which will take roughly 2.5 months with prints on file and 3 months and a few days without prints.

Yes, Eunice, carrying with an expired CCW license is a felony.  Just a friendly reminder.

Now some of you are no doubt saying, “That’s BS.  Why don’t you sue?”

To which I say, “Where have you been?  Why aren’t you a member and why aren’t you reading GunNews and the Website?”

Guns Save Life has a lawsuit pending challenging the FOID Act since 2019.  It’s now in Sangamon County Circuit Court and we’ll have oral arguments on June 20th at 10:30a.m.  C’mon join us and watch history happen in person.

13 thoughts on “DON’T LET THEM EXPIRE: End of China flu emergency means another rule change for IL gun owners”
  1. If an ISP officer and their firearms enforcement team raids your house call the sheriff. Tell them an unlawful enemy combatant is on your property attempting to assault a US Citizen while claiming to be law enforcement and trying to steal your guns. Tell 911 that you feel your life is under immediate threat and to send LOCAL police immediately. If you present it this way you’ll be doing one thing: Telling the truth.

    1. Call 911 with burglary in progress, especially for ATF, “SWAT” ’em back.

  2. I thought I have read somewhere recently that FOIDs were to be “automatically renewed”, hence no “expiration” date on new card ID, but as long as I remember, a renewal form was sent 30 days or more before your card expired. I might be wrong but I have in the past, gotten a renewal in the mail before expiration.
    Things might have changed with CCW now that CCW and FOID have the same “number” as such. I try to be lawful because I don’t want to “suffer the consequences”, I am too old to be a criminal, had my “freedom” too long to live without it now, what freedoms we still have, anyway.

    1. only if you have fingerprints on file from CCW apps.
      And only when you buy a gun.

    2. I recently purchased a new firearm and a few days later received the following from the ISP:
      -FOID Extension-
      “This is to inform you that as a result of the background check associated with your recent firearm purchase, because you have fingerprints on file for this purpose, your FOID was renewed for up to 10 years from the date of the approved transaction. Please visit your Applicant Portal Dashboard to view your current expiration date and to see your eCard. Because FOID and FOID/CCL combination cards no longer have printed expiration dates, you will not receive a new card. Please see our frequently asked questions at the same website for the latest information on this and other FOID and CCL matters.”

      Your FOID does expire but if you are a CCW with prints on file you do get an automatic extension with the purchase of a firearm and the resulting background check at the time of transfer.

  3. If the ISP Stasi were smart, they would inform the city/county cops of their intentions beforehand. If.

  4. Just hoping the FOID card gets ruled unconstitutional again, maybe this time it will disappear from existence in Illinois. I remember hearing about a judge from a different lawsuit state that the FOID card was unconstitutional.

    1. Pretty confident that will be the outcome, but be prepared for hitting a pothole or three along with way.

  5. I have the pleasure of distributing Gun News in my neck of the woods. My reply to “Where’s my new Gun News” is “If you join GSL it would be in your mailbox”. The looks I get in return range from amazement to stupidity.

  6. Hi Jboch, I hope you’ll see this. I wrote in another article that we should have a Constitutional Rights Offender Registry for any officer that enforces either this pistol brace or the “assault weapon” law. I wasn’t able to reply to your comment because the button wasn’t there but in response, you’re right, there probably isn’t a single legislature in the country that would pass such a thing. That’s because it would empower We The People wayyyyy too much. The Dems wouldn’t go for it because they WANT law enforcement going after their assumed political opponents otherwise known as lawful gun owners. The Republicans can shout freedom and pro-2A all they want but their votes in Springfield reflects a more accurate picture of their positions. Just look at HB2722 which funds Pritzker’s foot soldiers. The Repubs are 100% lockstep Uniparty! Aside from that, the GOP has this “back the blue” stuff so far up their backsides that most of them would throw We The People under the bus to avoid the risk of being called “anti-cop.” It’s like the fear on the other side of being called a racist. Once you get public officials in lockstep fear over what name they might get called, the activists groups control them like a puppet on a string and thus, said public official ignores the needs and RIGHTS of their constituents. So that being said, we still can’t count on the courts to save our rights. It is ultimately up to us, We The People to change the culture ourselves and thus the 2A. It has to be socially unacceptable to enforce these laws and ATF rules. So sure a legislature isn’t going to pass an offender registry, HOWEVER, someone in your position or anyone running a well known 2A website needs to set up a page where again, We The People can report in when an officer pulls over a CCW holder and checks the mags for 15 round compliance. OR when someone is target shooting with their AR especially if the registration on guns sticks and gets harassed. OR when someone is in a gun store and the ISP drops by for a compliance check. WE have the right to know any officer’s name, vehicle description, license plate number, badge number, what counties are enforcing this stuff, what highways cops hide behind the bushes licking their lips for a speeder when the real reason is for firearms compliance checks, what hunting grounds tend to have random cops in the area violating our rights. You see, WE can do a lot to not only shame the bad police doing this to us, but to also inform one another of what is happening and where so people will be more aware of it. Please consider this and talk to fellow journalists about it. It’s the one tool we do have in this culture war and we must take the recent constitutional violations more seriously and step it up. The system isn’t there to protect us. It’s there to screw us. It’s imperative to accept that reality. Please consider this!

    1. Well I think your heart is in the right place, there’s no way that’s ever gonna happen.

  7. “Well I think your heart is in the right place, there’s no way that’s ever gonna happen.”

    And everyone says, Where did my rights go?

    Go figure

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