Chicago isn’t safe.  We’ve been beating that drum for a long time for good reason.  Crime has become so pervasive that it’s not safe even in the best of neighborhoods.  Even downtown, home to the business and tourist district has become a violent crime-ridden cesspool.  As has the high end Gold Coast.

The same goes for the street where Big Brain Brandon Johnson lives.  The new mayor lives in a working class neighborhood in Chicago.  In recent days, police arrested Johnson’s neighbor living across the street and charged him with a host of crimes including beating a woman to death with a baseball bat.  And then smoking some crack before he “disposed” of her body in the alley behind his house. 

Nice neighborhood, right?  But it gets better. 

Wait until you learn why she was across the street from Mayor Johnson’s home.

CWB Chicago has the story, like usual.  Folks, just bookmark CWB if you want to know what’s really going on in the festering boil on the rear end of Illinois known as Chicago.

CHICAGO — A man who lives across the street from Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson was held without bail Tuesday after prosecutors accused him of beating a woman to death with a baseball bat inside his home and dumping her body in the alley.

Arnel Smith, 64, is charged with first-degree murder and concealing a homicidal death.

A medical examiner who handled the 41-year-old victim’s case said they had “never seen so many injuries on someone’s body,” Assistant State’s Attorney Anne McCord said during Smith’s bail hearing.

Smith met the woman once about a year ago, then happened to cross paths with her again at a Citgo gas station around 5 a.m. on Friday.

The two rode a CTA bus back to Smith’s home in the 5700 block of West Superior. There, they smoked crack and the woman performed a sex act, according to McCord.

Afterward, said McCord, Smith accused the woman of stealing money and would not let her leave until she paid him what he believed he was owed.

The altercation turned violent.

Smith beat the woman with a baseball bat and stabbed her with broken pottery until she died, McCord alleged.

After the murder, Smith allegedly smoked some more crack, wrapped the woman’s body in a comforter, and dragged her to an alley. Surveillance video showed him trying to place the body into a dumpster, but he was “physically unable” to complete the task, so he left her on the ground, McCord said.

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have any neighbors bringing hookers home with them to smoke crack and do all the rest.  And there haven’t been any real crimes committed in the neighborhood either, much less a violent homicide committed with a bat.  But then again, I don’t live next to Murder City USA’s Big Brain Mayor Brandon Johnson either.

Hopefully you don’t either.

8 thoughts on “NICE NEIGHBORHOOD, BIG BRAIN: Chicago Mayor’s neighbor reportedly killed woman with baseball bat & dumped body in the alley”
  1. So, let me see if I understand things. The mayor’s neighbor smokes crack with prostitutes then tries to rob them of the money they “earned” giving him a BJ? Then he bashes their brains in with a bat. He’s too puny and high to dump her body into the dumpster. So he dumps her in the alley. Is the moral of the story “don’t solicit big girl hookers” here? Or maybe “don’t live next to Mayor Big Brain?”

    This whole story is beyond messed up. Is this guy a savage?

  2. Good thing she was too “round” for him to put in a dumpster. They might never have found her if he had. How many more did he do this to?

  3. Where does a little commie puke like Brandon get the coin for a house in that neighborhood? That’s not exactly Cabrini Green.

  4. So Maybe the victims family can sue Louisville Slugger for the criminal misuse of their product.

  5. More amazing is the fact he didn’t get released on an ankle monitor and an I-bond.
    Guess they have to make an example to keep the new mayor’s neighbors from committing murders.

  6. I believe the state legislature and Governor Porky must draft a baseball bat, comforter, and dumpster ban. Hmmmm…..
    Perhaps it would be easier to place dirtbags not fit to live in civil society in prison, or better, at the end of a noose in Daley Plaza where dirtbags belong. More proof we have a people problem. The Communists, Democrats, but I repeat myself, could not disarm American citizens should this fact be recognized.

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