When young people going through public education don’t learn to read or write, they are ill-suited for productive employment.  They don’t have the income producing ability to maintain a residence, get married, raise a family and become productive members of society.  Instead, all they have is the gangs and the seductive hip-hop, “ghetto” lifestyle that comes with them.

Just 3% of residents in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, home to Murder City USA’s new Mayor “Big Brain” Brandon Johnson, can do math at grade level.  This isn’t a matter of knowing basic algebra.  These people can’t do simple math without a smartphone or calculator.

As such, crime persists.

So what does our state and local leadership do about it?  They spend eight hundred million dollars on “help” for illegal aliens while our own children aren’t learning reading, writing and arithmetic.  Oh yeah, and they cancel a scholarship for 9,000 students from low-income families to attend other schools.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking out of Springfield.

Here’s what Jeanne Ives posted about the Illinois budget deal.


And these same politicians blame law-abiding gun owners for the criminal violence increasingly prevalent throughout Cook County and beyond.

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  1. I wasn’t much of a hockey player, but back in the day I did manage to get the “puck” out of Chi”raq”, and now I need to become the good shepherd and get the “flock” out of Illinois.

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