Welcome to Chicago, where the criminals run rampant, stealing without fear of consequences thanks to a demoralized PD and a state’s attorney that doesn’t prosecute.  Thanks to prolific “shrink” by sticky-fingered “customers,” the newly remodeled Walgreens in downtown Chicago – supposedly the “nice” part of town – has the vast majority of merchandise inaccessible to customers.  Just two aisles are filled with the basics of the basics where customers can self-serve under the watchful eyes of store staff.

Nothing like being made to feel like a criminal to make you feel welcome, right?

All of the remaining inventory, including sundries such as deodorant, remain in another section of the store where employees will pick your order after you’ve placed your order and paid for everything on a little tablet.

CWB Chicago has the details.

CHICAGO — During an earnings call with Walgreens investors earlier this year, the company’s chief financial officer opined that his fellow executives may have overstated the effects of organized shoplifting rings on its operations.

“Maybe we cried too much last year,” James Kehoe said.

Good luck balancing that cheery, non-crying analysis with what you see when you walk into the company’s freshly redesigned store at 2 East Roosevelt in downtown Chicago.

In what was once a typical Walgreens, there are now just two short aisles of so-called “essentials” where “customers may shop for themselves.” If you want anything else—a bottle of booze, a deodorant deemed “non-essential”—you’ll need to order it at a kiosk and pick it up at the counter

Ain’t city life just grand?  

9 thoughts on “CRIME WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES: Downtown Chicago Walgreens has just two aisles of ‘touchable’ merch”
  1. F Chicago and the people who run it. What a shithole! Almost like a third world country with some first world amenities.

  2. I wonder if those people living in downtown Chicago realize that $200,000 a year up there is the equivalent to $25 or $30 an hour downstate?

  3. Will have to become a restricted entry like Sam’s Club. You cannot operate a business among this scum. Walgreens should simply close the doors and move to a more civilized (i.e. devoid of communist / Democrat rule) place. To hell with Chicago and its denizens. An Illinois without a Chicago would be a paradise.

  4. Interesting, thought this would be “in the works” or something like it. Because of handicap, I have been shopping on-line and pick up at designated time, this started because of the wuhan killer-virus and I appreciate it, personally. Just my humble opinion.

    1. Much easier not to “impulse-buy” and the stores have your recently purchased items you normally purchase and a store employee gathers your necessities. Easier on a limited budget, as well.

    2. Yep. We do 95% of our shopping online now. Wal-Mart is our grocery store since they ran Krogers and the rest out of town. Order online, pull up, they load the car and we leave. Amazon and others deliver the rest including prescriptions, except we still go to the local hardware store and lumber yard (though both deliver as well). I have no further interest in interacting with anyone anymore otherwise. I have what I need right here, without the hassles of dealing with POS people. Really don’t even need CCW anymore, since we don’t go out much, and the shooting sports are dead now since I can’t take my guns anywhere to shoot anyway. Fk Illinois.

  5. Welcome to Shitago. Or should I say, don’t go there. If you value your safety and sanity. Crook county is just that.

  6. Since they closed the Wal Mart in Homewood IL I am curious to know where the “shoppers” are now shopping? There really is nothing in Harvey or Markham. There is one in Country Club hills but last time I was in there it was more of a wreck than the one in Homewood. Are they going to the Target in Homewood? Are they going to the one in Lansing? There are a couple dollar stores a few blocks south of the hospital in Harvey. Oh well, I don’t care. I just watch my surroundings closely and drive over to Orland Hills.

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