Got the above email in your email box?  No doubt millions(?) of Americans who initiated eForm 1 applications for firearms with support braces attached have gotten them.

What happened (or what we believe happened) is that if you bailed on completing your initiated application before completion, it’s hanging there in your account as uncompleted as a “draft”.  Hence this email.  So people like myself who abandoned initial efforts to complete their eForm 1 application because of a hangup have these “drafts” sitting idle.

The BATF’s system isn’t the best at allow you to recall earlier saved versions.  Whatevs.

If you’ve completed your eForm 1 and gotten this email with the subject line below indicating the submission was received, you’re golden.

eForms Application Submission Notification for Permit/Control No: 2023xxxxxx.

If you haven’t, you’ve got until midnight tonight to get it in.

If you haven’t submitted your cover letter and fingerprint cards, you have ten days from electronic submission to do so, so get on it!