Chicago has earned the moniker “Murder City USA” with homicide numbers that easily surpass LA and NY, combined.  It’s not just homicides though.  Daily life is practically unlivable thanks to bad guys victimizing the innocent without concern for the police.

Here are some examples from this past weekend.

Let’s start with “Nice day for a walk. Or a run. #Chicago.


5 thoughts on “CRIME WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES: Another weekend in Chicago [VIDEOS]”
  1. When “shots ring out” it is time to shoot back, preferably from cover, as the “drive-by” speeds off. Until there are consequences for drive-by shootings they will continue unabated.

  2. Politicians should be forced to live in Englewood and Austin. That’s both city AND state, since its their policies that cause this misery. Let’s see how quickly it gets cleaned up then, when they are required to both live there and move their families there.

  3. That kid ran but not as fast as I thought he would. Maybe droopy drawers slowed hom down.

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