A 77-year-old man knew better than to tangle with a home intruder in his kitchen in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The young intruder first tried to open a locked screen door before deciding to slither in through an open window above the sink in the old guy’s kitchen.  Hearing the screen door commotion gave the old fella a chance to access is home defense handgun.

“I didn’t go looking for trouble,” said Craig, the homeowner living by himself.  “It found me.”

And Craig took care of business by firing off a snap shot when he saw the intruder maybe 15 feet away in the kitchen.

Seeing the old man with a gun that shot real bullets was enough for the intruder to skip through the color codes of awareness directly to Code Brown.  At that point, he exited through the same window he entered through.  This time though, he went through the non-egress-approved window with a LOT more urgency – head first.  

WXYZ has more:

ANN ARBOR, MI (WXYZ) — A man in Ann Arbor is safe this morning after scaring off an intruder during a terrifying home invasion. The 77-year-old man says he didn’t let fear keep him from defending his home.

The frightening incident unfolded at a home on Arbordale near West Stadium Boulevard.

“I don’t look for trouble,” Craig said. “It found me.”

Trouble may have found this 77-year-old man from Ann Arbor, but it didn’t stay long.

Craig lives alone so when he heard someone trying to open the screen door, he, “came out to investigate the noise…the guy had come over the kitchen window over the sink and was turned toward me about 15 feet,” he recalls.

Face to face with his intruder, he yelled and then pulled out his pistol.

“I got off one shot at him. I hope I scared him, but I missed him.”

“He went out headfirst,” Craig said.

The story closed with these wise and prudent words:

Craig says he has no regrets.

“Cause he was younger than me. No doubt stronger than me. I am 77 years old and it was in my house and I defended myself and I’d do it again,” he said.

Don’t mess with old people.  They didn’t get old by being stupid.

3 thoughts on “CODE BROWN URGENCY: Old man’s shot causes youthful home invader to jump head-first out kitchen window”
  1. There is always hope that such intruders have a “come to Jesus” moment and change professions after cleaning out their nasty skivvies and realizing their career and life could have ended in a bloody mess.

  2. Next time apply the Texas Head Shot – preferably with a 12 ga. and some #1 buckshot.

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