The fine folks over at LGBTQ Nation published a story yesterday when almost nobody was watching claiming that hypermasculinity and easy availability of guns drive crime.  Some “doctor” named Warren Blumfeld wrote the piece replete with errors, omissions and outright make-believe.  The pretentious “doctor” apparently thinks the title “doctor” will embellish his writings with authority.  In reality, he’s probably a “doctor” sort of like Jill Biden.

On top of all that, it surely seems like he’s utterly unfamiliar with the expression that “Armed gays don’t get bashed.”

Image via TwitterPink Pistols

After reading the story (so you don’t have to), it’s clear in our minds that Doctor Pretentious doesn’t specialize in hard sciences.  Even if you factor out his use of junk science “studies,” junk statistics, and pure make-believe, if you look into his background you’ll find yourself asking “Why would anyone give a hoot what his guy thinks?”

Why?  His claim to fame, besides writing for LGBTQ Nation is authoring one book:  “The What, The So What, and The Now What of Social Justice Education” and helped edit another entitled “Readings for Diversity and Social Justice.”  Now, that’s putting a dent in the universe that will be talked about for generations sort of like Leonidas and the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae.

Here’s an example of his shuck and jive from the aforementioned website:

Gun rights advocates mute the actual causes of gun violence: hypermasculinity & easy access

…But regulations on firearms challenge the promises of a patriarchal system based on notions of hyper-masculinity with the elements taken to the extreme of control, domination, competitiveness, autonomy, rugged individualism, strength, toughness, forcefulness, and decisiveness, and, of course, never having to ask for help. Concepts of cooperation and community responsibility are pushed to the sidelines or often discarded. This combined with the easy legal access to firearms presents a recipe for disaster playing itself out so many times in the United States that it has become routine.

Hypermasculinity?  Is that why snub-nosed revolvers and micro pocket pistols are popular sellers for self-defense?  Is that why women are the fastest growing segment of gun owners, because they don’t have penises?  What explains the growth of black Americans buying guns to protect their families?

And “easy legal access?”  Has the good doc bought a gun in his life?  Probably not.  In Illinois, assuming one has a FOID card, it takes DAYS to purchase a firearm and walk out of the store with it.  Without a FOID card it might take months. 

In some states, like the nation’s shooting spree capital of California, it takes WEEKS to buy a gun and take it home.

This guy is a hack.  Unlike Leonidas, nobody’s gonna remember Warren Blumfeld a year after he dies, much less a generation or a millennium for what he did or who he was.

In the meantime, in recognition of the upcoming “Pride” Month, we would like to remind our “alphabet family friends” that Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed.

8 thoughts on “LOL: LGBTQ Nation suggests ‘hypermasculinity’ and ‘easy availability’ of guns drive crime (no mention of gangs)”
  1. Seems to me that a large proportion of these mass shooters (gang-bangers excluded) here of late have been of the gender-bending persuasion that puts nonsense like this out. Perhaps we should focus on who is clearly mentally ill, such as members of this particular group.

    1. You mean trannies? And I don’t mean for your car. If the radical left aren’t grooming your kids they are busy killing them. Commie perverts.

  2. Maybe liberal “women” actually do have penises. Have you considered that. I chuckled reading this story. Thank you!

    1. Lib-LEFTIST females have more testosterone, and possibly more of a “package” than Lib-LEFTIST “males” because the Marxists have neutered all LEFTIST males, not ever to be confused with the term “men”! (and the term “males” is in question as well!) Lib-LEFTIST women keep their “strap-on” attached as a political “statement”!

  3. Hyper-masculinity? Could that be the “result” of “females” over-doing injections of testosterone into “gender-confused” bodies making “them” mentally unstable? Why would someone so confused about themselves, demand everyone else “accept” them for “what they are” when they, themselves, do not “accept” themselves for what they are born as? “Its a mixed up mumbled up, shook up world except for LOLA, L O L A, LOLA” (words from a ’60’s- ’70’s song “LOLA”) Marxism at it’s best: confusing the masses, destroying America from within.

  4. Thank for mentioning that Armed Gays Don’t Get Bashed. They are called Pink Pistols. This is a non-woke gay group. Thank you in advance for not lumping all people who happen to be gay into one woke Marxist crowd. We’re not all lefty Dems in a mask.

  5. Hypermasculinity? This phenomena was once called beer muscles. Traditionally it ended with pushing and shoving or a big mouth taking one in the chops. The equation changes when brains are chemically altered, mental illness is not treated, and the mentally ill are not institutionalized.

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