What happens when you break into homes in the Lone Star State?  The consequences can vary, but about the best you can do is hope Johnny Law catches up with you before the average (armed) homeowner does in defense if his or her home.  One 43-year-old named Jason Omar Cruz aspired to take the room-temperature challenge in Beaumont, Texas in recent days.  He almost succeeded except for a cop-applied tourniquet that kept him from leaking what blood he had left onto the floor.

The best part?  A neighbor said that “nice people” live in the area.  

Amen, brother.  Preach it.

Nice people who don’t tolerate home intruders acting aggressively.

From 12NewsNow:

BEAUMONT, Texas — A 43-year-old burglary suspect is currently in the hospital, and Beaumont Police said a homeowner was well within his rights to shoot him.

The shooting took place early Friday morning in Beaumont’s North End. Officers responded to a call about a burglary in progress in the 5300 block of Wildwood Avenue just after midnight, according to a Beaumont Police Department release.

Police later identified the suspect as Jason Omar Cruz, of Beaumont.

Video from a neighbor’s Vivint camera showed the red and blue lights of Beaumont Police units and officers responding to the call. 

“We have such friendly nice people in this area, and so, this must have been an intrusion as they say,” Doug Taylor, the neighbor said. “Because we are just so settled and quiet here.”

 When police arrived, they found the Cruz on the bathroom floor in a large pool of blood. Responding officers were able to save his life by using a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

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  1. I might burn in hell, but I laughed out loud reading that headline. He leakin’

  2. CPR is a womderful thing if your perforated bad guy has passed out. Pump the last of the blood out!

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