Never let your guard down in public.  Crazy violence, especially in deep blue cities in deep blue cities can almost spontaneously turn into mayhem and anarchy.  Keep your head on a swivel.  Carry everywhere you can do so.  Because crazy happens.  

Just like this at O’Hare International just a few days ago.

Yes, like the guy at the bottom of the frame, sticking around to watch poo-flingers do their thing might prove entertaining, it’s best to vacate the area because you don’t know when they’re going to start injuring innocents, especially innocent non-combatants.

Story time:  For a few years at our Peoria GSL meeting, we met at the Golden Corral.  The food was passable (and the deserts were usually above average) and everyone could find what they wanted.  But occasionally, people incapable of civility would wander in and start acting like knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

On one Thursday night meeting, staff told us about a melee that happened the previous Sunday. 

We had already read about it in the UK Daily Mail

This area of the restaurant is where we held our meetings. Most attendees sat in the foreground section.

Yes, the big brawl made international news.

A grandmother’s birthday party descended into chaos when a fight broke out at Golden Corral.

Terrance Jones told officers responding to the incident he was celebrating his grandmother’s birthday when people set upon him in Peoria, Illinois. 

Chairs were thrown, tables were turned on their heads and the buffet section of the restaurant was damaged in the restaurant and two people were left injured by the melee. 

It seems someone had a birthday party for his grandma.  As they celebrated, one thing or another led to  invectives hurled between rival gang bangers.  Then food, then plates and on and on.

Ironically, the only people that were injured weren’t the idiots throwing knives, plates and chairs at one another, but bystanders.

Seems another couple, totally uninvolved, was sitting nearby trying to eat when each of them caught a chair in the face.  At least one required lots of stitches to close the wound.  The lesson for them?  When the plates and chairs start flying, that’s a fine time to find cover or exit the building altogether.  No meal is worth an ER visit to stitch up one’s face.

Which brings us to the only night when there were some harsh words were exchanged out in the dining section adjacent to where about 80 to 100 gun owners were meeting at a GSL monthly meeting.  A few of us called 911 and kept an eye on things until police arrived most RikkiTik.  

Like within a couple of minutes quick.

We don’t know if it was because a couple of callers mentioned there was a Guns Save Life meeting in the adjacent room or not.  Either way, we appreciated Peoria’s finest taking out the trash that night very promptly.

4 thoughts on “CRIME WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE: Huge fight *inside* O’Hare International Airport [VIDEO]”
  1. Civility is a lost concept with some people these days. And when there are no consequences. Like that shoot out last year in Shitago. You know the one. Where Kim Fox declined to prosecute anyone. Because they were mutual combatants. Be on your guard. And head for the hills if you can.

  2. Carrying inside O’Hare is only legal for gangbangers and assorted lowlifes. Legal armed citizens do not have that right.

  3. Is it just me or do all of these brawls ( including Tinley Park and Downtown Shitcago not long ago ) ALWAYS involve a certain element of society ?

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