Pity Piers Morgan.  He’s a great subject.  He understands the monarchy, not freedom and liberty.  He tried to ambush Kari Lake with cherry-picked facts and fake stats, asking her why she supports gun rights for the little people.

She does a fine job pushing back against the pompous Piers.

7 thoughts on “Piers Morgan preaches gun control talking points; Kari Lake hands him his arse…”
  1. Gotta love it when a Brit complains about anything in America. We wrested ourselves from their rule by force. And he still doesn’t understand why we are so protective. Of the freedoms we still hold dear.

  2. Why can’t Mr Morgan let Ms Lake speak ? Good for Ms Lake she spoke the truth as to origins of the 2nd Amendment. I am bored by hearing the diatribe “… for lawful purposes such as self-defense.” While true, it is not the fact of the 2nd Amendment. Notice how Piers attempts to frame Ms Lake as a kook when she speaks fact about tyranny. BATFE going door-to-door intimidating gun owners into giving up a piece of metal ? Where did BATFE get the names and addresses? This is not tyranny; and we live in a democracy ? Speak fact fellow citizens, don’t indulge these charlatan’s by using their terminology and indulging their scenarios.

    1. ATF threatened each manufacturer of reset triggers with revoking their manufacturing license unless they gave up their customer lists. They did the same with the large retailers as well. Most caved in willingly. Rare Breed is one of the few that told ATF to FOAD, and ATF has been engaged in a systematic campaign of intimidation, no-knock raids, and other Gestapo like tactics to get them to roll over on their customers. They will of course be ruined, jailed or WACOed for refusing to comply at some point.

  3. The only way to look at it is Piers is just plain stupid and brainwashed, not to mention a pompous ass. Ted Nugent, Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, and a few others have had the same conversation with this lunk head over and over and he still doesn’t get it. Meanwhile he most likely has armed security at his studio protecting him. Why isn’t he crying about banning every knife in the UK to fight the “knife crime” that plagues his country. BTW I vote for Kari Lake to be head of the ATF.

  4. You are dropping the bomb down the stack LiberalsRCancer! If these actions are not tyranny I don’t know what would qualify.

  5. Criminal violence is not caused by firearms, criminal violence is caused by criminals! No matter the tool, a firearm, a baseball bat, an automobile, or fists and steel-toed boots, the common cause of assault is the perpetrator and no matter how many laws are written, they will not stop the evil intents of a criminal!
    Isn’t it already against the established law that murder/assault is illegal?
    Enough said! Thou shall not kill!

  6. Donald J. Trump for President!, Kari Lake for Vice President, Mark Levin for Attorney General!! Make the leftist-Marxist DemocRAT-iKKK heads explode!!

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