We’ve written about how to promote and defend freedom and gun rights for all in an effort to make everyone better, more informed citizens.  In short, we need soundbite arguments, not scholarly papers to bring the undecided to the position of freedom and liberty.  We’re fighting the constant drumbeat for gun control and big government from would-be tyrants and the mainstream media.

Masaad Ayoob, a long-time firearm and deadly force instructor, just published a YouTube video that offers a primer on how to promote gun rights in the face of anti-gun talking points.  In it, he explains that we’re targeting the people “in the middle” on this issue – those who aren’t ideologues impervious to rational arguments, facts or logic.

Ayoob explains he loves the expression that the only thing that stops a bad guy with evil in his or her heart is a good guy or gal with a gun.

For Mr. or Ms. Gun Prohibitionist who claims that anyone with a gun can become a murderer overnight or while having a bad day.  Ayoob suggests asking them if THEY could become a murderer overnight or while having a bad day, they will usually say, “Well no!”  

“Then how DARE you imply everyone listening to you is a potential murderer!”

If they say, “yes” then suggest they should see a psychiatrist instead of pretending to provide wise counsel to normal people.

Gun owners have guns to compensate for sexual inadequacy?

If guns were phallic symbols, none of us would buy one with a 2″ barrel.

How can you support gun ownership with all of these deaths by gun violence?

Most of those deaths are suicides. More on those in a moment.

Among the rest are a whole bunch of criminals killed by police in the line of duty and even more criminals killed in self-defense by their intended victims who fought back and prevailed.  While each is a death by a gun, every one of those represents a life or lives saved.

He even touches on the suicides angle, explaining how many suicides are what he calls “rational suicides” in the face of debilitating terminal illness.   He describes those as “self-euthanasia” and he says those should be taken out of the mix.  After all, ten states already have legal provisions for medically-assisted suicides.

He urges people to talk about “Defensive Gun Uses” – or DGUs.  While there are 40,000 “gun deaths” each year, the gun control advocates never talk about the 1.67 million defensive gun uses typically seen each year.  No doubt many of those result in innocent lives being saved.

It’s worth fifteen minutes to watch, especially for those who advocate for gun rights.

Oh yeah, he also said “Shall not be infringed” is not an effective argument among those in the middle.



One thought on “CRITICAL MAS: Mas Ayoob on how to argue gun rights with ‘undecideds’”
  1. The problem aren’t the undecideds, if there even is such a thing anymore. The problem isn’t even that the left hates guns (I am talking about the ones in power – not the stupid, parasitical mouth-breathers that vote for them). The left hates that YOU are able to own a gun. They are all for surrounding themselves with armed security, with owning their own guns, etc. This is not about gun control, and never has been. It is about CONTROL – period. Your private ownership of any gun, but especially a scary looking black gun, threatens their existence to their very cores. Anything they cannot control is a threat, and has to be dealt with ruthlessly.

    Do you see any difference between the current left in America and the regimes of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, or Pol Pot? They all started by disarming the public at large, and then imposing totalitarian rule under the guise of ‘for the public good’. Do we all remember what happened to those that opposed this benevolence? They ended up in ovens, pits and mass graves. It will be no different here. The difference between leaders like Biden and Putzker and the aforementioned dictators is simply a matter of degree – for the time being. They will all push as far as we allow.

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