Our friends at the Illinois State Police have doubled down on the gun ban.  They’re not claiming in a new directive that those who picked up guns during “freedom week” can keep the guns and magazines they got, but they have to get rid of them by Jan 1st, 2024.

This is on top of a recent meeting where they noted that FFLs have no exemption for black rifles and magazines in stock and that by law, they better not be ordering in any stock.

Pretty big words from a state-level agency over a law that has been adjudicated unconstitutional by a court of law.

Anyway, watch these two videos from “Freedom’s Steel” – Todd Vandermyde’s YouTube channel.


And here’s one very much worth watching from Washington Gun Law.  I highly recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel as well.


3 thoughts on “LATEST: ISP doubles down, Law Weapons on Washington Gun Law YouTube channel”
  1. Anyone who thinks ISP is still a police agency is delusional. They are nothing more than the modern version of the Stassi.

  2. Yes.
    If gun bans, gun control, and FOID cards are legal I have a proposition for our Dear Leaders. Illinois must institute a registered voter identification card (RVID). This would not cost any citizen money to exercise their constitutional rights, unlike the FOID. All that would be required is for each Illinois resident/US citizen to pass a 25 question multiple choice civics test when renewing a driver’s license or state ID card. No pass, no vote. I think the Illinois State Police should be placed in charge of enforcing this requirement at polling places. Could you imagine the hue and cry?
    Not a Communist, ah Democrat but I repeat myself, would understand the analogy.

    1. Listen to the commies screech about ‘poll taxes’ for even suggesting such a thing, even though its free. After all, everyone should be free to vote as many times as they wish, whether they are a citizen or not. As we all know, voter ID is racist (somehow), and infringes upon the ability for blacks (and no one else) to vote – or so go the claims.

      The left screams about infringement, unless it involves the mountains we already have to jump to exercise our 2A rights. Most of these idiots don’t know what infringement is by comparison. Likewise, they are astonished when all of their infringements accomplish jack shit when some brain damaged lunatic shoots up a school or a mall.

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