The NRA released a devastating video kicking Joe Biden in what’s left of his shriveled man-parts over his jihad against gun rights for the little people.  It mocks him relentlessly.

The only problem is that the people who really need to see this video never well.

You can do your part though to help at least a handful of people see it.  Share it on your social media or email a link to this post to your friends and family.


Here’s more about it from FoxNews:

The NRA video, released Wednesday and exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital, shows various members of the prominent gun rights group criticizing Biden for yelling “about taking our guns,” while arguing his “fascism” on Second Amendment rights is “in the minority.”

“While you’ve been busy stocking your fridge with ice cream,” one young girl in the video said before other members chime in, “pro-America legislatures have passed constitutional carry in 27 states with support from the NRA.”

Just days before taking office, Biden pledged via a statement from his transition team to “defeat the NRA and end the epidemic of gun violence in America.” However, since his vow, 11 states have signed constitutional carry legislation into law. …

“The NRA and its millions of members remain unwavering in our commitment to exposing Joe Biden as a gun control hypocrite, persistently striving to dismantle the self-defense rights of law-abiding Americans.” McLaughlin added. 

3 thoughts on “DEAR JOE BIDEN: NRA produces devastating commercial… too bad 99% of America won’t see it.”
  1. Good stuff but you are right. We should make JB watch it about a hundred times before every meal.

  2. THIS is what needs to start happening. Our side needs to get more messages out through mainstream media. The sheeple get steady and routine brainwashing through their sitcoms, evening news, talk shows and all the commercials in between. If we could just get a foothold and get a few commercials in between there, maybe we could start breaking through to some of the folks that have been zombified by the mainstream media.

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